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Mock Driving Test Hendon
Driving Mock Test Hendon
Mock Driving Test in Manual Car Hendon
Mock Driving Test in Automatic Car London
Mock Driving Test with Female Driving Instructor Hendon
Mock Driving Test Drive Hendon

A mock driving test is usually taken by learner drivers who feel they are at the required driving test standard. As the mock test will mirror what will happen on the day of your actual driving test, it either confirmes that the learner is ready to take the actual DVSA practical test or gives them an insight into the areas for improvement.

Their instructor will start the mock test in exactly the same way an examiner would start the test. The mock driving test will in the car park of the Hendon Practical Driving Test Center. The instructor will cover similar junctions and roundabouts used by the examiners. 

The mock test will last for approximately 35 to 40 minutes just like the real test and include one reverse maneuver and the independent drive. The instructor will not help the learner driver unless it was a real safety issue.


You may feel nervous before your practical driving test but this is natural as many do not know what to expect and doubt whether they are fully prepared. However, if you took a mock test at Hendon, this will prepare you for your real driving test as you would have driven under the exact condition during your mock test.

The driving instructor from DTC that will conduct your mock driving test will know exactly what happens on the DVSA practical test and will, therefore, be able to make it as realistic as possible.

The main objective of your mock driving test is to assess your driving ability strict DVSA under test conditions. As with your actual test, your instructor will take you on the roads around Hendon test centre, which you may be familiar with by if you have been taking regular driving lessons in the area. They will make sure to incorporate a variety of road types, including multilane roundabouts and mini-roundabouts, dual carriageways tricky one-way systems. You’ll likely be taken through busy urban areas and quieter residential estates for the reverse manoeuvres and the emergency stop.



At the end of your mock driving test at Hendon, the instructor will give you the result. You would be told whether you would have passed or failed if it was a genuine test. Remember the mock test is a part of the process of preparing you for your actual test so the result is unimportant, so, you shouldn’t take your result too seriously. What is important is that you pay attention to the feedback which will be given. Remember, mock driving tests are great for finding out your strengths and weaknesses. If your instructor pulled you up on poor mirror work, then you know exactly what you need to work on during the build-up to your test date.

The price of the mock test in Hendon is £120. This is a two-hour session. During the first hour, the instructor will conduct the mock test and the second hour will be used for the correction of mistakes, if any and to further improve your driving

If you’re at or near driving test standard then taking a mock test is a great way to find out how ready you are. The mock test will help you assess and identify any weaknesses in your driving and help t increase your chances of passing the practical test. If interested, please email info@dtcuk or WhatsApp App us on 07799-886380.

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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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