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Cancellation Driving Tests Sutton Coldfield – Birmingham Centre

The driving test routes for Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham practical test centre has been designed by senior examiners who try to incorporate many varied roads and challenging junctions. There are many complex traffic systems within easy reach to Sutton Coldfield driving test centre. The learner driver should expect to deal with crossroads, busy junctions and large roundabouts. These large multilane roundabouts will usually lead to fast flowing dual carriageways.

Earlier Driving Test Sutton Coldfield – Small Villages

Frequently the test route will take you out of the Sutton Coldfield onto the country lanes and villages such as Perry Common, Old Oscott and Minworth. These villages, along with the residential roads of Sutton Coldfield are commonly used for the purpose of the reverse manoeuvre. The examiner will have a choice of two manoeuvers which are either the parallel park manoeuvre or the stopping on the right. Alternatively, the examiner may request one of the bay park manoeuvres. However, these are requested at the driving test centre car park itself either the very start of the driving test or at the very end.

Short Notice Driving Test Sutton Coldfield – Independent Driving Section

A large amount of the driving test will be spent on the independent driving section. During this section of the test, the driving examiner may either request that you follow a set of road signs or that you follow directions from satnav. If you are required to follow directions from the satnav, this will be preprogrammed and supplied by the driving examiner. Will not be required to make any adjustments to the equipment and you will not be able to use your own.

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Address of Sutton Coldfield Practical Driving Test Centre 

Sutton Coldfield DTC,
110 – 116 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5UB.

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There are 18 steps to Sutton Coldfield Driving Test Centre. However, special arrangements will be made for the disabled.  Candidates may use the shopper’s car parking facilities at the back of the building. Unfortunately, a male-only toilet is available.

Car test centres closest to Birmingham Suttin Coldfield:

Birmingham Kingstanding Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.09 miles
Birmingham  The Pavilion Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.21 miles
Birmingham Garretts Green Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.91 miles
Birmingham  South Yardley Practical Test Centre – Distance: 6.6 miles
Wednesbury Practical Test Centre – Distance: 7.23 miles

Pass Rate at Sutton Coldfield Driving Test Centre

With over 500 driving tests being conducted here on a monthly basis,  Sutton Coldfield is a relatively busy driving test centre However it also has a very low pass rate, calculated during a 6 month period of April to September 2016, 2752 driving test was attempted here. From this number, only 1076 people passed. Giving the test centre a pass rate of 39%%, far below the UK average of 48%.

The pass rate may be low due to test centre being located in a busy city area of Birmingham. If you are taking your driving test here, ensure that you are comfortable in driving in congested roads and town areas as this is most likely where the examiner will take you.

Driving Test Cancellations Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield, all the other driving test centres in Birmingham, has a large waiting time for a driving test appointment. You should, therefore, apply well before you are actually ready to take your test. Your driving instructor will be able to best advise you when to book your driving test. However, if you have recently taken and failed your practical test, you definitely do not want to be waiting months for another appointment. Delaying taking your next test would mean that you may forget some of the things that you have learnt unless you continue to take regular lessons. Out extremely expensive.

Change Driving Test with DTC UK

DTC UK driving test cancellations can get you an earlier driving test date, usually within two weeks at the Sutton Coldfield driving test centre. We can do this as we search the DVSA website every 20 seconds of every day for driving test cancellations. If your theory certificate is about to expire, you may not be able to see any date at all on the official government website. DTC UK may still be able to help in this matter. If you are prepared to be flexible with the timing of your driving test and your willing to take your test at one of Birmingham’s other test centres we can usually find your driving test within days. Why not call for a friendly chat.


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