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Cancellation Driving Tests Northallerton – Rural Country Lanes

There are several rural country roads which surround Northallerton driving test centre. These will form part of the driving test route. Many learner drivers on these roads due to oncoming vehicles combined with the sharp bends. The driving examiners will expect you to make progress the roads. However, judging safe speed to approach the sharp bends very important. Generally speaking, the driving test is based safety.

Earlier Driving Test Northallerton – Overview

During the 40 minutes’ drive from Northallerton driving test centre, the examiner will expect you to carry out the reverse manoeuvre, possibly the emergency stop 20 minutes of independent driving. During driving section of the test will usually yourself on high-speed a roads such as the A167 and the A684.

Residential Roads

Residential roads will also be covered which are often used to assess your ability at reversing. These residential roads seem very easy but challenging within seconds. They are often narrow stationary vehicles learner driver needs to be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles. Throughout the driving test, the examiner will be watching you mirror signal and manoeuver routine. Mirrors, especially, are the key success.

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Address of Northallerton Practical Driving Test Centre 

Northallerton DTC,
Elder House
East Road
North Yorkshire
DL6 1NU.

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Unfortunately, there is only a male toilet available. However, there is a ramp access to the test centre for disabled candidates. Candidate car parking spaces are also available. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Car and  Taxi.


Driving Test Centres closest to Northallerton DTC:

Darlington Practical Test Centre – Distance: 12.78 miles
Middlesbrough Practical Test Centre – Distance: 18.75 miles
Knaresborough Practical Test Centre – Distance: 23.45 miles
Hartlepool Practical Test Centre – Distance: 25.08 miles
Durham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 29.04 miles

Short Notice Driving Test Northallerton – Pass Rate

Northallerton Driving Test Centre has a higher than average pass rate of 57.1%. This figure has been achieved from the number of attempted driving test booked over the last year, by the number of candidates who passed their practical driving test. Last year, 1623 people attempted their driving test, with 926 people passing, giving Northallerton test centre a pass rate of 57.1%.



Driving Test Cancellations Northallerton

The average waiting time for a driving test appointment at Northallerton practical test centre is about two months. DTC UK driving test cancellations not find an earlier driving test it within 2 to 3 weeks. To access our service, simply give us a call and chat to our friendly team.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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