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Norris Green – Liverpool Centre

Norris Green practical test centre is situated in the heart of Liverpool. It is surrounded by many busy roads you have to negotiate several road systems such as roundabouts which will include mini roundabout large multilane roundabouts. You should also be expected to deal with crossroads, some of which may be marked. A large proportion of the driving test is conducted residential roads. These roads seem very easy but can become challenging within seconds. This is mainly due to meeting oncoming vehicles.

Norris Green – Safe Drive

In order to pass your driving test at Norris Green, the examiner will expect a safe but confident drive. No-one is a perfect driver you are allowed to make certain mistakes. In fact, you are allowed to make fifteen minor mistakes and still pass your driving test. These emphases are on the mirror, signal and manoeuvre routine.  Fast flowing “A” roads such as the A59, A580 and the A5058 may be taken during the driving test.

Norris Green – Independent Drive

The 40 minutes’ drive from Norris Green practical test centre will involve a large chunk of independent driving. During this section of the test, the driving examiner will place that your vehicle and request that you follow the directions given by the satnav. However, and out of every five candidates be required to follow directions given by road signs instead. The driving examiner may also at the discretion of the emergency stop exercise.

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Address of Norris Green Practical Driving Test Centre 

Norris Green DTC,
Falklands Approach
Parthenon Drive
Norris Green
L11 5BR.

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There is a ramp access for wheelchair users. Male, female and disabled toilets are available. Test Candidates must use “Customer Parking” that is marked. This test centre conducts testing for Car, Taxi and ADI.


Driving Test Centres closest to Norris Green DTC:

Wallasey Practical Test Centre -Distance: 4.37 miles
Garston (Liverpool) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 6.26 miles
Garston (Speke) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 6.93 miles
Upton Practical Test Centre – Distance: 8.23 miles
St Helens Practical Test Centre – Distance: 8.56 miles


Pass Rate at Norris Green Driving Test Centre

Norris Green Driving Test Centre in Liverpool has an average pass rate of 45.6%. This figure has been achieved from the number of attempted driving test booked over the last year, by the number of candidates who passed their practical driving test. Last year, 4281 people attempted their driving test, with 1952 people passing, giving Norris Green test centre a pass rate of 45.6%.



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