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Short notice driving test cancellations Hendon, London
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Find driving test cancellations Hendon, London
Find practical test cancellations Hendon, London

Earlier Driving Test Hendon – Busy Roads

Quick Driving Tests Hendon, LondonSituated in a busy part of north London is Hendon driving test centre. The driving examiner will expect you to have good knowledge and skills and dealing with various road systems. This will include several mini roundabouts and some large multilane roundabouts. It will also include various junctions, especially crossroads. The driving test centre is located within seconds away from the A1 dual carriageway. Many learner drivers have been known to fail their driving test on this dual carriageway. Some driving too slow, others driving too fast, the speed limit does change on the dual carriageway.

Short Notice Driving Test Hendon – Mill Hill

Earlier Driving Test dates Hendon, LondonSome driving examiners from Hendon may take you into residential roads of Mill Hill. These roads look straightforward but can be challenging. There are many junctions that are totally blind. The learner driver needs to approach these with extra caution and use the creep and peep technique.

To book a driving test at Hendon, simply visit or call the DVSA on 0300-200-1122. If you wish to change or cancel your appointment you must inform the DVSA at least three clear days before your appointment time otherwise you would lose your fee. It is extremely important to read the email confirmation prior to your test date.

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Address of Hendon Practical Driving Test Centre 

Hendon (London) DTC,
3 Aviation Drive
Beaufort Park
Greater London,
NW9 5TZ.

Last minute driving tests available in Hendon

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Both male and female toilet facilities are available at Hendon Driving Test Centre.  Candidate parking facilities include two disabled bays are also available. This centre conducts testing for cars and taxi.

Driving Test Centres Closest to Hendon DTC:Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Hendon

Mill Hill (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 1.03 miles
Borehamwood (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.4 miles
Barnet (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.15 miles
London Greenford, Whitten ave – Distance: 4.97 miles
London Greenford, Horsenden Lane – Distance: 5.03 miles


Pass Rate at Hendon Driving Test Centre

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Hendon, LondonHendon (London) driving test centre is an extremely busy centre, with over 1000 driving tests being conducted by the test centre each month. From this, usually, around 470 candidates are passed by examiners. During a 6 month period, 6130 driving tests were taken here. From this number, 2868 people passed. Giving the test centre a more accurate pass rate of 46.8%.

The pass rate may seem low, however, it is very similar to the average of UK driving test centres. You can still pass the driving test, regardless of the pass rate, if you can impress the driving examiner with a high standard of driving, and make as little mistakes as possible.

Driving Test Cancellations Hendon

Driving Test Cancellations Within 2 Weeks at Hendon, LondonIf you would like early driving test date at the Hendon driving test centre then DTC UK can help you. As we are continuously logged on from 6 AM in the morning to 11.30 PM we have an excellent chance of finding you test cancellation that you need. Whether you need an earlier driving test date for work, college or simply to pick up the kids, simply text your details.

Earlier Driving Test Hendon

Finding an earlier driving test date at Hendon is difficult. However, if you are lucky enough to have found a cancellation, finding an instructor to cover the test is another challenge. Most driving instructors in the Hendon area are fully booked weeks ahead.

Hire Car for Driving Test Hendon

DTC has the answer. We can provide you with an emergency driving instructor with a dual control car hire. With our “Driving Test Car Hire Hendon” service, you have a choice between an automatic or a manual car.

Intensive Driving Lessons Hendon

However, if you don’t feel 100% ready, you have the option of taking our one-day intensive driving course. This short intensive course is designed for learners who have failed a practical test in the past or are almost at test standard. Find out more about our Intensive driving lessons Hendon.

Begin at Hendon Driving Test Centre
Turn left
Aerodrome Road
Traffic lights left
Watford Way A41
Roundabout right Third exit
Lawrence St
First right
Holcombe Hill
End, right, Becomes
The Ridgeway
Take the next right
Hammers Lane
Right, Becomes
Wise Lane
6th right
Page St
Second mini roundabout, left
Pursley Road
Which Becomes
Sanders Lane
First right
Ashley Walk
At the next turn, take a left
Aberdare Gardens
End, right
Devonshire Road
R/bout right Third exit
Holders Hill Road
Traffic lights ahead
Parson St
Traffic lights right
Church Road
Second right
Church End
Greyhound Hill
Traffic lights ahead
Aerodrome Road
Finally, turn right into
Hendon Driving Test Centre


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