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Cancellation Driving Tests Grangemouth – In Town Roads

Located on busy urban roads, Grangemouth driving test centre will feature both urban roads and country roads. The residential roads of Grangemouth are usually used during the driving test to assess your ability at meeting vehicles whilst leaving a clearance from parked cars. These residential roads are also used for the purpose of the reverse manoeuvre.

Earlier Driving Test Cancellation Grangemouth – Country Roads

The country lanes just outside Grangemouth will involve a different type of driving. The speed limit on these roads is usually high. Combined with the unpredictable bends and maintenance can make these roads very dangerous. It is very important that you drive at a speed at which you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. The driving test from Grangemouth will last approximately 40 minutes. It will involve 20 minutes of independent driving, one reverse manoeuvre and a possibility of the emergency stop exercise.

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Address for Grangemouth Practical Driving Test Centre 

Grangemouth DTC,
Units 36-37 Evans Easyspace,
Earls Road,
Stirling and Falkirk.
FK3 8UU.

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Please use the car park at the rear of the building. The entrance will be signposted and you will need to buzz for access to the waiting room. Grangemouth DTC conducts testing for cars only.

Earlier Driving Test GrangemouthDriving Test Centres Closest to Grangemouth DTC:

Stirling Practical Test Centre – Distance: 10.39 miles
Dunfermline Practical Test Centre – Distance: 11.7 miles
Livingston Practical Test Centre – Distance: 11.76 miles
Airdrie Practical Test Centre – Distance: 14.46 miles
Edinburgh Currie Practical Test Centre – Distance: 18.26 miles

Short Notice Driving Test Grangemouth – Pass Rate

Grangemouth driving test centre has a pass rate which is equal to the average for centres across the UK; its pass is equal to 49.5%. This is taken from the average of each monthly pass rate over 6 months.

For example in the month of April 2016, 286 driving tests were conducted by the driving test centre. From this number, 145 candidates passed their test and become fully licensed drivers. Making the pass rate for that month 50.7%. In comparison, during the month of September 2016, 362 people attempted a driving test, however, only 167 of them passed. Therefore the pass for this month was 47%.


Driving Test Cancellations Grangemouth

Driving test cancellations and the Grangemouth practical test centre are very rarely seen at GOV.UK. It is a very busy test centre with a high waiting time in excess of nine weeks. If you recently failed your driving test, the best place to find a driving test cancellation is from your instructor. Driving instructors usually know pupil who may have a test approaching but knows will not be fully prepared for it. Rather than cancel that test, the instructor can call the DVSA and request them to change your driving test date with that of his other pupil.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

If your driving instructor is unable to assist you, you may want to consider the services of DTC driving test cancellations. We are continuously logged in at GOV.UK and will not let a cancellation go by. We can search the Grangemouth practical test centre on your behalf checking over 3000 times per day. Every single day until we find a driving test cancellation which is suitable for you. Once we have found an earlier driving test date, will only have a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the booking. But rather than risk losing the booking, we will automatically book it on your behalf. The completion of the earlier driving test booking will send you a message asking you to confirm that the newly booked driving test cancellation is suitable for your needs. If it is, simply make payment. However, for some reason you are not available on that particular date or time, just let us know and we will find an alternative driving test cancellation at Grangemouth for you. Why not call DTC UK now discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Grangemouth.

Grangemouth Driving Test Centre
Windsor Drive
Second Right
Gartcow Cresent
End Left
Majors Loan
Rennie Street
End Right
Westbirn Avenue
Maggoewoods Loan
End Left
Glenfuir Road
Mini R/bout Ahead, Then mini R/bout Right
Lock 16
Mini R/bout Right
Union Road
Second Left
Baid Street
First Left
Stark Avenue
Mini R/bout right
Carmuirs Ave
Third Right
Watling Street
Second right
Brown Street
first Left
hamilton Street
End Right
Glasgow Rd
Straight at r/bout
Camelon Main St
R/bout straight on
Camelon Rd
Also, R/bout straight on
West Bridge Street
second Street
Hope Street
Second Exit at R/bout
Park St
Traffic Light ahead, Traffic Light Right
Bellvue Street
r/bout ahead
Arnott Rd
also, r/bout ahead
station road
again, r/bout ahead
Glen Road
r/bout ahead again
Falkirk rd
end left
Main st
California Rd
ahead at mini r/bout
Avon bridge rd
roundabout right
roundabout left
first exit
roundabout left
Lauriston Bypass
Sorry, Test routing Missing


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