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Coventry – Various road Systems

Located on the outskirts of Coventry, expect a deal with a large variety road system. These systems will include roundabouts which range from mini roundabouts to large multilane roundabouts. Various junctions, crossroads and possibly one-way roads are also included in the driving test.

Many learner drivers at Coventry have been known to fail on road positioning. Remember, if you are turning to the right at the end of a one-way road, you will need position to the right.

Coventry – High-Speed Roads

High-speed a roads such as the A444 and rural country roads are also likely to come up in the driving test at Coventry. The country lanes around Coventry seem to be going pretty. However, if you do not drive according to the road and traffic conditions, these country lanes can be very dangerous. Although the national speed limit on the country lanes is 60 mph, you must drive so that you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear.

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Address for Coventry Practical Driving Test Centre 

Bayton Road Industrial Estate
42 Bayton Road
West Midlands
CV7 9EJ.

View on Google Maps.

Coventry driving test centre is a very busy centre. Therefore, candidates are asked not to enter the car park more than seven minutes before the appointment time. Both Male, female and disabled toilets are available in the building.
The test centre now conducts testing for cars, Taxi and also for ADIs.


Nearby driving test centres to Coventry:

Nuneaton driving test centre – Distance: 4.24 miles
Hinckley driving test centre – Distance: 6.56 miles
Rugby driving test centre – Distance: 10.16 miles
Garretts Green driving test centre – Distance: 12.56 miles
Warwick driving test centre – Distance: 13.42 miles

Driving Test Coventry – Pass Rate

Coventry has a very low pass rate in comparison to a majority of driving test centres in the area. It’s pass rate averages to be at around 36%, compared to a UK average of 48%. This percentage is calculated from April to September 2016, in which 4205 driving tests were conducted. However, only 1544 candidates actually passed their test.

Although the pass rate is low, this does not mean the examiners are strict or that they will fail you without reason. You’ll have to make a serious mistake, or more than 15 mirrors in order to fail.

Are you starting your Intensive Driving course soon?

In order to take one of our Intensive Driving Courses, you will need to hold a valid UK provisional driving license and have passed your theory test. If you do not have a practical test booked, don’t worry. Simply provide us with your driving license number along with your theory pass certificate number and we will get you a fast-track driving test – If you can need help to book your theory test, this can be arranged for you.

However, please remember that our semi-intensive driving course is designed for learners who have recently failed a practical driving test, international drivers, and those who are almost up to test standard. They are not suitable for the new beginner.

Coventry Driving Test Centre
Turn left
Bayton Road
At the traffic lights, take a left turn
Longford Road
At the roundabout, also left
Bedworth Road
Left again
Windmill Road
Turn right
Cubbington Road
Take a right turn again
Pauline Avenue
End of the road, right turn
Hall Green Road
At the traffic lights, also right
Bell Green Road
At the traffic lights, right turn again
Proffitt Avenue
Left turn
Elkington Street
End of the road, also left
Proffitt Avenue
Turn left
Gayer Street
End of the road, left turn again
Old Church Road
At the roundabout, turn left 1st exit
Foleshill Road
At the roundabout, 3rd exit right turn
At the roundabout, straight ahead 2nd exit
At the roundabout, 2nd exit straight ahead
At the roundabout, go straight on 2nd exit
Turn left towards Bedworth, 1st exit
Slip Road
At the traffic lights, take a left turn
Heath Road
Straight ahead at the double mini roundabout
Bowling Green Lane
Turn left
School Lane
At the traffic lights, go straight ahead
Bayton Roas
Finally, turn right into
Coventry Driving Test Centre


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