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Cancellation Driving Tests Birmingham – Busy Residential Roads

Quick Driving Tests BirminghamThere are many driving test centres in Birmingham which are all located on busy city roads. Due to the location of these test centres expect a deal with many residential roads. These residential roads seem relatively easy. However, they can be quite challenging because many of the roads in Birmingham are quite narrow. Some with parked vehicles on both sides. Therefore, you need to be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Expect to deal with many roundabouts ranging from small mini-roundabouts to large multilane ones. Be aware, some driving test routes for Birmingham have faded road markings.

Cancellation Driving Tests Birmingham – High-Speed A Road

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations BirminghamHigh-speed A roads are likely to feature as part of the driving test. Some of these roads may include the A435, A34, A452 and the A4041. The driving examiner will be eagerly watching how you merge onto these roads. It is vital that you build up speed and matter the speed of the traffic on the main road. It will be extremely dangerous, to try and join such a road at let’s say 30 mph, traffic in Road is driving at 60 mph.

The driving test at Birmingham will last approximately 40 minutes. During this time, the driving examiner will ask you to carry out 20 minutes of independent driving, one reversing manoeuvre and possibly the emergency stop exercise.

Cancellation Driving Tests Birmingham – Check email

Checking your confirmation email before attending the driving test is strongly advised. Please pay attention to the date, time and place of the driving test. During the winter months, early-morning tests may be canceled due to severe weather conditions such as fog and ice during the winter months.


To view this test centre on Google Maps, click here.


Birmingham Driving Test Centres

Driving Test Cancellations BirminghamBirmingham Garretts Green DTC,
Granby Avenue,
Garretts Green,
West Midlands.
B33 0TJ.




Earlier Driving Test BirminghamBirmingham -Cocks Moors Wood DTC,
Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre,
The Lodge,
S. King’s Heath,
Birmingham – B14 6ER.





Cancellation Driving Tests BirminghamBirmingham Kings Heath DTC,
955 Alcester Road South
West Midlands
B14 5JA



Short Notice Driving Test BirminghamBirmingham  Kingstanding DTC
205 Birdbrook Road
West Midlands
B44 9UL


Fast Track Driving Tests BirminghamBirmingham Shirley DTC,
401 Stratford Road
West Midlands
B90 4AA

Find Earlier Driving Tests BirminghamBirmingham South Yardley DTC,
Clay Lane
South Yardley
West Midlands
B26 1EA



Short Notice Practical Test BirminghamBirmingham Sutton Coldfield DTC,
110 – 116 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5UB



Earlier Driving Test Birmingham – Pass Rate

There are many practical test centres in and around the Birmingham area. The DVSA try extremely hard to try to keep the level of difficulty equal at all driving test centres across the UK. Unfortunately, overall, the driving test centres in Birmingham has a lower pass rate than the national average. However, in line with all the other major cities in the country.

Regardless of which practical test centre in Birmingham you choose, if you drive safely but with confidence, you will pass your driving test. You are allowed to make mistakes in the test. In fact, you can make 15 minor faults and still pass your practical driving test. However, if you were to make a serious or a dangerous fault, that would result in a failure.

In order for you to search for a driving test cancellation at any one of Birmingham driving test centres, you must have a practical test booked through the official government website. There are other websites on the Internet that you can use. However, this website is a Jew an extra 20 or £25 just for the privilege of using their site.

Earlier Driving Test Birmingham

Once you have booked your driving test at a Birmingham test centre, you will then be able to search for driving test cancellations. You will be required to insert your driving licence number and your booking application reference number to enable you to make searches. For some reason, your booking application reference number is not available, you may is your theory past certificate number instead.

Driving Test Cancellations Birmingham

The DVSA does not hold the cancellation waiting list and has never done so. The only way to get an earlier driving test it at Birmingham is to continuously keep on searching, waiting for someone else to cancel the test. When someone cancels then test, and we available to the general public.

DTC UK Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations can monitor anyone or all driving test centres in Birmingham. We can guarantee you an earlier driving test date within two weeks of you legally entitled to take a test. If this is your first driving test, we can even get your driving test next week. However, if you can a driving test, you must a law wait 10 clear working days in between. If you have a current driving test date booked at let’s say, Garretts Green driving test centre but would like to change to a different centre, example Kings Heath. This is no problem. Call DTC driving test cancellations who will be able to change your driving test date all will be all change your driving test centre to meet your requirements.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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