Dual Carriageways

Learn how to join a dual carriageway, change lanes, overtake other traffic and leaving the carriageway safely
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What's included in this course

  • Dual Carriageway Basics
  • Joining a Dual Carriageway
  • Changing lanes
  • Overtaking
  • Leaving a Dual Carriageway

Course Content

Online Driving Course Carriageways

Basics of Dual Carriageways

The basics explained including one lane, two and three lane dual carriageways.
Online Driving Course Joining

Joining a Dual Carriageway

Joining a dual carriageway explained, from a a slip road and from a side road
Online Driving Course Changing lanes

Changing lanes

How can we avoid unnecessarily changing lanes? If we do decide to change, discover what safety checks must be made.
Online Driving Course Overtaking


The system for overtaking, MPSL and then MSM seems confusing. However, in this section, we have simplified it
Online Driving Course Leaving

Leaving a Dual Carriageway

The procedure for leaving a dual carriageway explained, including the countdown markers and the need to check the speedometer

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