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Intensive Driving Lessons Uxbridge

Have you recently failed a driving test in the Uxbridge area? Most people who fail their first driving test usually fail in their second as well. The main reason is the waiting time for driving test appointments in Uxbridge is well over 2 months. If you have to wait 2 months between tests, you are likely to forget vital information, unless to take regular lessons.

DTC Intensive Driving Courses Uxbridge

One Week Pass UxbridgeWhatever your circumstances, if you need to be on the road quickly,  DTC has the solution. We can arrange an Emergency Last Minute Driving Intensive Course in the Uxbridge area with a guaranteed driving test within weeks. You can choose from either a 9 or 14-hour driving course. During your crash course not only will you be learning to drive, but you will learn the driving test routes for Uxbridge.

Last Minute Driving School Uxbridge

Our Last Minute Driving School Uxbridge aims to help you pass the first time. Our average pass rate in Uxbridge is 86%, but the national average is only 44%. During your driving crash course in Uxbridge, you will cover driving in Cowley, Hillingdon, Hayes, Iver, Langley, Stockley Park, West Drayton etc. However, Please note that DTC Last Minute Driving School Uxbridge is not for the complete beginner. We do expect the learners to have previous experience before starting intensive driving lessons.

Intensive Driving Courses Uxbridge

If you live in Uxbridge, your driving test would normally be booked at the Uxbridge Driving Test Centre. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in the Uxbridge area.

One Week Pass Uxbridge, London

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages such as Cowley, Hillingdon, West Drayton, Iver, Langley etc. The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Uxbridge.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used. Below is the address of Uxbridge Driving Test Center and other centers nearby.


Intensive Driving Courses Uxbridge, London

Uxbridge (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Unit 7, Trade City Business Park
off Cowley Mill Road
Greater London
UB8 2DB.
View on Google maps.


Intensive Driving Lessons Uxbridge, London

Hayes (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Fourways House, Rigby Lane
Swallowfield Way
Greater London
UB3 1ET.
Distance: 2.84 miles

Last Minute Driving School Uxbridge

Slough (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
12 Waterside Drive
SL3 6EZ.
View on Google Maps.
Distance: 3.49 miles.


One Week Pass Uxbridge, London

Yeading (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Cygnet Way Willow Tree Lane
Greater London
UB4 9BS.
Distance: 4.21 miles.
View on Google Maps.


Driving Crash Courses Uxbridge

Southall (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
295 Allenby Road
Greater London
UB1 2HD.
View on Google Maps
Distance: 5.26 miles.

Uxbridge is a very well known suburban town in West London and is the administrative headquarters London Borough of Hillingdon. It is 15.4 miles west-northwest of Charing Cross. In the county of Middlesex, Hillingdon, Uxbridge formed a parish and was a significant local commercial center from an early time. In the 20th century, Uxbridge increased and expanded in population which led to it becoming a municipal borough in 1955, and has formed part of  Greater London since 1965.

During the English Civil War, a significant event took place in and around the town, negotiations took place between King Charles I and the Parliamentary Army. During those events a public house was used and after those events it was renamed to The Crown & Treaty and still is today.

There are different suburbs within this Borough and they are known as Harefield, Ickenham, Hillingdon, Newyears Green and Cowley. These boroughs are represented by six electoral wards (units for the election of councilors to Hillingdon Council and commonly for statistical purposes).

Learner drivers like to see pass rates for many reasons, one of the reasons being it gives them reassurance and secondly they have a genuine interest in these pass rates.  We can tell you that the national average pass rate for the UK is 45.9%. We can also tell you that the average pass rate for learners in Greater London is a lower than this, it comes in at 40.8%. Please see the table below for the pass rates in Uxbridge, for the last five years.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
45.3% 44.6% 45.5% 48.6% 48.6%

Uxbridge pass rates are higher than the London’s average but at the same time, it is not much lower than the UK’s. We always say that pass rates do not account for the outcome of your driving test. So please do not take interest in the pass rates.

Show Me – Tell Me Questions
Part of the driving test involves answering two vehicle safety questions, commonly known as the “show me – tell me questions” You will be asked the “tell me question” at the beginning of the test before driving off. The “show me question” will be asked during the test itself.  If you get the one or even both questions wrong, this will be marked as a minor error and you will not fail the test. 

However, a few drivers at the Uxbridge test center have been known to fail on the show me questions, not for not knowing the answer, not for losing control of the vehicle while trying to show the examiner the answer. If you forget a particular control, it is better to admit it to the examiner rather than try to bluff it. 

Bay Park
The Uxbridge practical test centre has a car park which means that the examiner may ask you to carry out the bay park exercise at the center itself. This can be requested at the start or at the very end of the test.  The examiner can ask you to reverse into a bay of your choice or you may be asked to drive forward into a bay and then reverse out of it. During your semi intensive driving lessons at Uxbridge, your DTC driving instructor will teach you the bay park in various public car parks. 


Narrow Residential Roads
You will spend a considerable amount of time during you semi intensive driving lessons in Uxbridge on residential road

There are many residential roads in the area which can cause a problem with meeting oncoming vehicles and also getting close to parked cars. Whatever the situation, the DTC driving instructor will teach you to use the MSM routine. 

During your practical test, as soon as you see an oncoming vehicle approaching, the first thing you must do is to check the rear view mirror. After this, it would be advisable to slightly ease off the accelerator pedal as this will allow you time to think and decide.  Bear in mind that the driving test at Uxbridge is based on safety before anything else. Therefore, if you have any doubt about whether to proceed or to stop, it would be advisable to take the side of caution and stop. 


20 mph zones – During your driving lessons or even your driving test at Uxbridge you will come across several 20 mph roads. Many of these have recently had their speed reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph. Bear in mind that a satnav may display the old speed if it has not been updated, 

Uxbridge Driving Test Center
Turn right
Cowley Mill Road
At the second street, turn right
Cowley Road
Straight ahead becomes
High Road
At the roundabout, straight ahead
Stag Lane
Take the second right
Hollywood Gardens
At the roundabout, straight ahead
At the roundabout, turn left
Beverley Drive
At the roundabout, turn left
Wimbourne Drive
At the roundabout, turn right
Beverley Drive
At the roundabout, straight ahead, take the third exit, at the traffic lights, right
Stag Lane
At the second roundabout, turn left
Hey Lane
At the end of the road, turn left
Edgware Road
At the traffic lights, turn right
Colin Deep Lane
At both roundabouts, straight ahead, then turn left
Selbourne Gardens
At the end of the road, turn left
Watford Way
At the roundabout, turn left
The Broadway
At the roundabout, turn left
Bunns Lane
At the roundabout, straight ahead, then turn left
Uxbridge Driving Test Center


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