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Intensive Driving Lessons Tottenham

Does your job depend on you getting a drivers license? Do you need to pass your practical test due to starting college, university or for the sake of your children?  The traditional way of learning to drive has been taking one or two hours per week until your driving instructor feels you are ready to take the test. This is great if you have a year to learn to drive. However, if you require your driving license urgently, DTC last Minute Intensive Courses Tottenham has the solution.

DTC Intensive Driving Courses Tottenham

One Week Pass TottenhamSeveral driving schools offer crash driving courses but with no guaranteed test at the end. DTC is different. We will book your driving test at either Tottenham or a local test center within weeks. Your intensive training course will only start once we have a confirmed test booking. We will only use fully qualified driving instructor who is registered with the Driver and Licensing Agency (DVSA). 

Last Minute Driving School Tottenham

Please be aware that DTC Last Minute Driving School Tottenham offers intensive courses that have been designed for international drivers, even if they have never driven in the UK. They are also suitable for the learner who has recently failed a driving test or is almost at the required standard. They are not suitable for beginners.

Intensive Driving Courses Tottenham

If you live in Tottenham, your driving test would normally be booked at the Tottenham Driving Test Centre. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in the Tottenham area.

One Week Pass Tottenham, London

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages such as Arnos Grove, Crouch End, Harringay, Upper Edmonton, Southgate, Walthamstow, Wood Green, etc. The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Tottenham.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used. Below is the address of Tottenham Driving Test Center and other centers nearby.


Intensive Driving Course Tottenham, London

Tottenham (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Annexe Building
Selby Centre, Selby Road
Greater London
N17 8JL.
View on Google Maps.



Intensive Driving Courses Wood Green London

Wood Green (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Crown Court
Woodhall House, Lordship Lane
Wood Green
Greater London
N22 5LF.
Distance: 1.59 miles
View on Google Maps.



Intensive Driving Courses Enfield Brancroft Way

Enfield (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
33 Brancroft Way
Greater London
EN3 7NJ.
View on Google Maps
Distance: 4.17 miles.




Intensive Driving Courses Chingford, London

Chingford (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
Doric House
128 Station Road
Greater London
E4 6AD.
Distance: 4.2 miles
View on Google maps.


Intensive Driving Courses Wanstead, London

Wanstead (London) Practical Driving Test Center, 
2 Devon House
Hermon Hill
Greater London
E11 2AW.
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Distance: 4.81 miles.

Tottenham is within the London Borough of Harringay, located in a town, in north London, England. It is 6 miles north-northeast of Charing Cross and is located within the ceremonial county of Greater London. It borders different towns – it borders Edmonton to the North, Walthamstow, across River Lea (to the east), and Stamford Hill to the south with Wood Green and Harringay to the west.

Gradually Tottenham became a working class suburb of London and due to this, the area rapidly started to expand in the late-19th century. This then led to mass development of housing for the lower middle and working classes. A large amount of council housing started to develop after The Second World War which included a build of Tower Blocks and in 1965, the borough of Tottenham merged with two other boroughs known as Hornsey and Wood Green which then formed The London Borough of Harringay.

We know that you love hearing about pass rates in other test centers – this is why we were also excited when we found out that the DVSA started publishing the statistics for all of their test centers. From looking at the statistics, we can see that the national average pass rate in the UK is 45.9%. This percentage decreases for Learners, as the average pass rate for London is 40.8%. Please see the table below, it shows the statistics for the pass rates in Tottenham for the last five years.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
36.4% 37.7% 37.5% 39.6%

So we can see that Tottenhams pass rates are lower than both the UK’s or London’s average pass rates. So we can see why you must be disappointed in this. We always tell learners to ignore pass rates – as it is all down to you and your skills on whether you pass the test or not.

Narrow Residential Roads

Due to it’s location in North London, driving in Tottenham involves many residential roads. You will spend a considerable amount of time during you semi intensive driving lessons in Tottenham on residential road

There are many residential roads in the area which can cause a problem with meeting oncoming vehicles and also getting close to parked cars. Whatever the situation, the DTC driving instructor will teach you to use the MSM routine. 

During your practical test, as soon as you see an oncoming vehicle approaching, the first thing you must do is to check the rear view mirror. After this, it would be advisable to slightly ease off the accelerator pedal as this will allow you time to think and decide.  Bear in mind that the driving test at Tottenham is based on safety before anything else. Therefore, if you have any doubt about whether to proceed or to stop, it would be advisable to take the side of caution and stop. 


Reverse Manoeuvres
During your semi intensive driving course at Tottenham,  you will be taught to reverse safely with due regard to other road users. There are four manoeuvres you will learn during your crash driving course. However, in the actual driving test, the examiner will choose one of them. The four manoeuvres include parallel parking, stopping on the right-hand side of the road and then reversing back, reversing into a bay, and finally driving forward into a bay and then reversing back. 


Mini roundabouts
There are several mini-roundabouts of the Tottenham driving test route. They often replace T-junctions in quieter residential areas to ease the flow of traffic. The rules at mini-roundabout are the same as normal roundabouts. However, bear in mind that you woud not need the “exit” signal when leaving the roundabout to follow the road, and you would not need the exit signal when turning right. Furthermore, it needs to be mentioned that although you need only give way to traffic on the right and have priority over traffic on the left, priority must be given and not taken. 

Tottenham Driving Test Center


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