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Can you drive to a reasonable standard? If so, why should you have to wait months just to take a driving test? Why not get your driving license fast-tracked? DTC last minute intensive driving courses can arrange a fast track driving course within a week. That’s right, you could have a driving license this time next week.

Last Minute Intensive Driving Courses Stockport Manchester

Many intensive driving schools can book you a fast track course but with no test at the end. DTC is different. We will book you a driving test before starting your fast-track course. These are also known as driving crash courses.

Intensive Driving Lessons Stockport Manchester

Our intensive driving courses are conducted by local qualified driving instructors on a one 2 one basis in a fully dual controlled and insured car. The instructors are familiar with the driving test routes used by the examiners.

Bredbury Practical Driving Test Center (Manchester)

Lingard Lane, Bredbury,

Fast track practical driving tests at Bredbury Driving Test Centre

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 1 (off-road), motorcycle module 2 (on-road), lorry and bus, ADI part 3.

West Didsbury Practical Driving Test Center (Manchester)

Unit 11, Christie Park,
West Didsbury,
M21 7QY

Automatic cars available for Driving Test in West Didsbury, Manchester

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

Cheetham Hill Practical Driving Test Center (Manchester)

Alderglen Road, Cheetham,
M8 0AL

Last minute driving instructor available at Cheetham Hill Manchester

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

You can access this test center if you use a wheelchair.

Chadderton Practical Driving Test Center

9 Broadgate, Broadway Business Park, Chadderton,

Earlier driving test dates available at Chadderton Driving Test Centre

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

Stockport is a major town in Greater Manchester, England, seven miles (11 km) south-east of the centre of Manchester, and is the point at which the rivers Goyt and Tame join together to form the River Mersey. It is the largest town within the Metropolitan Borough of the same name. Most of the town is within the boundaries of the historic county of Cheshire, while the area north of the River Mersey is within the historical county of Lancashire.

Stockport, during the 16th century, was a small town, situated entirely on the southern banks of the Mersey, known for its cultivation of hemp and the making of rope. In the 18th century, it had one of the earliest mechanised silk factories on the British Isles. Stockports main industries during the 19th century were cotton manufacture and the related industries. It was also at the heart of the nations hat manufacturing, exporting over six million hats per annum by 1884; the last stockport hat factory closed in 1997.

The western approaches to the city are dominated by Stockport Viaduct. Built in 1840, its 27 brick arches carried a main line railway across the river Mersey, which ran through the town.

The first evidence for human occupation of this wider region is the microliths from the hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age, c. 8000-3500 BCE) and weapons and stone tools of the Neolithic (New Stone Age, c. 3500-2000 BCE). Early Bronze Age remains (2000-1200 BC) include stone hammers, flint knives, palstaves (bronze-headed axes), and funerary urns; all finds were accidental discoveries, rather than results of systematic searches at known sites. There is a lapse in age in finds from around 1200 BC until around 70 AD, when the Roman Period began, possibly reflecting a decline in population, perhaps related to a deteriorating climate.

Despite a strong local tradition, there is scant evidence for Roman military stations in Stockport. It is presumed the roads leading from Cheadle to Ardotalia (Melandra) and Manchester to Buxton crossed near the centre. The most favoured location is a crossing of the River Mersey, known to have been laid down in the eighteenth century, but there has never been evidence to suggest this, or any roads in this area, were Roman. Hegginbotham reported (in 1892) finding Roman mosaics on Castle Hill (around Stockport Market) during construction of the mill at the end of the 18th century, but noted it was “found by tradition alone”; substantial stonework has never been dated using modern methods.

Roman coins and pottery were likely to have been discovered there in the 18th century, though. A cache of coins dating to between 375-378 AD was likely from a Mersey riverbank at Doubank; they were possibly buried in the side streets to preserve them. Six coins dating to the Anglo-Saxon kings Edmund (reigned 939-946) and Eadre (reigned 946-955) were found in ploughing in 1789 on the Green of Reddish.

There are conflicting views on how significant this is; Arrowsmith takes it as evidence that settlements existed in this period, while Morris says that this finding may have been “an isolated event”. The small cache is the only Anglo-Saxon finding made in this region. However, the etymology of Stoc-port suggests that there was an ongoing settlement at that time.


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