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Since 1987 We have provided over 4500 Last Minute Intensive Driving Courses

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Can you drive to a reasonable standard? If so, why should you have to wait months just to take a driving test? Why not get your driving license fast-tracked? DTC last minute intensive driving courses can arrange a fast track driving course within  weeks. That’s right, you could have a driving license within weeks.

Last Minute Intensive Driving Courses Hemel Hempstead

Many intensive driving schools can book you a fast track course but with no test at the end. DTC is different. We will book you a driving test before starting your fast-track course. These are also known as driving crash courses.

Intensive Driving Lessons Hemel Hempstead

Our intensive driving courses are conducted by local qualified driving instructors on a one 2 one basis in a fully dual controlled and insured car. The instructors are familiar with the driving test routes used by the examiners.

Watford Practical Driving Test Center

CP House, Otterspool Way,
WD25 8HU

Last minute driving instructors available at Watford, London

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

DVSA will make arrangements for you at this test center if you have a disability.

St Albans Practical Driving Test Center

Beauver House, 6 Bricket Road,
St Albans,

Fast track practical driving tests available at St Albans Driving Test Centre

Luton Practical Driving Test Center

6 – 10 Adelaide Street,

Emergency Car Hires available at Luton, London

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

DVSA will make arrangements for you at this test center if you have a disability.

Uxbridge Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Unit 7, Trade City Business Park, off Cowley Mill Road,

Uxbridge Intensive Courses

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 1 (off-road), motorcycle module 2 (on-road)

Hemel Hempstead is a large town in the borough of Dacorum, in the English county of Hertfordshire. Hemel Hempstead is located 24 miles (39 km) north-west of London, within the Greater London urban area.

The population, according to the 2011 census, was 97,500. Developed as a new town following World War II, it had existed as a settlement since the eighth century, and was granted a town charter by King Henry VIII in 1539. It is covered by the parliamentary constituency of Hemel Hempstead.

The surrounding towns are Watford, St Albans, Hatfield, and Berkhamsted. The earliest recorded reference to the town is an award of lands in Hamaele to Saxon bishops in London in 705 CE, made by Offa, King of Essex. Hemel Hempstead, at its present location, is mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086, as a vill, Hamelhamstede, of around 100 inhabitants. The parish church, St. Marys, was built in 1140, and is recognised as one of the finest Norman parish churches in the county. The church has an unusual 200-foot-tall (61-metre) steeple added in the 12th century, which is amongst the highest in Europe.

After the Norman Conquest, Robert, Earl of Mortain, eldest half-brother of William the Conqueror, was granted lands associated with Berkhamsted Castle, including Hemel Hempstead. The lands passed through different hands in subsequent centuries, including to Thomas Beckett in 1162.

Hemel Hempstead was within Domesdays Hundred of Dunays (Daneys, i.e. , Danes), which had been joined with Trings hundred by 1200 to form the Hundred of Dacorum, where it retained its own court until the nineteenth century. In 1290, the earl of Cornwall, the nephew of King John, granted this manor to the Bonhommes Religious Order, when he granted the Ashridge Priory.


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DTCUK is a trading mark of Driving Test UK Limited. We are a privately owned family company with Head Offices in Croydon, London. Founded by Shakti Gadday, helping learner drivers get on the road since 1987, registered with the DVSA under ADI number 120120. We’ve been booking driving tests for over 8 years and have helped over 35,000 learners pass their test quicker.

We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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