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The average waiting time for a driving test appointment in the Aylesbury area is well over 2 months. This is fine if you are still learning to drive as most driving instructors would advise you to book before you’re actually ready. However, the huge waiting time can be problematic if you have recently failed a driving test. Luckily, DTC Intensive Driving Courses Aylesbury has the solution.

Intensive Driving Courses Aylesbury

With a last-minute semi-intensive driving course from DTC, you can be on the road this time next week. That’s correct. DTC Intensive Driving Courses will not only arrange a short semi-intensive crash course but will also book you an emergency driving test. We can get you a driving test within weeks at either Aylesbury or the surrounding area.

Intensive Driving Lessons Aylesbury

An intensive driving course is a fantastic way to reach test standard in a within a short time frame but it will not make you an experienced driver. Taking weekly driving lessons will give you experience in dealing with different conditions such as driving in bad weather, varying traffic conditions and driving in the dark. Learning over a longer period allows the information given in the lessons to enter the long-term memory.

Last Minute Driving School Aylesbury

Please bear in mind that our Last Minute Driving School Aylesbury is not suitable for the total beginner. The intensive courses are designed for learner drivers who have failed a test in the past, international drivers (even if they have never driven in the UK) and for the learner who is almost test standard.

Intensive Driving Courses Aylesbury

If you live in Aylesbury, your driving test would normally be booked in or around the Aylesbury area. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in the Aylesbury area.

One Week Pass Aylesbury, London

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages. The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Aylesbury.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used.

Below are the addresses of all the other centers nearby –

Wood Green Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Wood Green Crown Court, Woodhall House, Lordship Lane,
Wood Green,
N22 5LF

Automatic cars available for hire at Wood Green, London

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car.

Hendon Practical Driving Test Center (London)

3 Aviation Drive, Beaufort Park,

Intensive Driving Course Hendon

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This test center provides these types of tests: car.

Tottenham Practical Driving Test Center

Driving Test Centre Tottenham Annex Building, Selby Centre, Selby Road,
N17 8JL

Fast track practical driving tests available at Tottenham Driving Test Centre

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This test center provides these types of tests: car.

Mitcham Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Redhouse Road, Mitcham,

Emergency driving instructors available at Mitcham, London

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This test center provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 1 (off-road), motorcycle module 2 (on-road), ADI part 3.


Aylesbury is a town in Buckinghamshire, in south-east England. It is the location of Roald Dahls childrens gallery and Waterside Theatre. It is located in the centre of Buckinghamshire, halfway between High Wycombe and Milton Keynes. Aylesbury was awarded garden town status in 2017. The towns housing targets are expected to rise, with a total of 16,000 homes expected to be built by 2033.

In 1450, Aylesbury was founded with the establishment of a religious order called the Order of Saint Mary, founded by John Kemp, Archbishop of York. Known colloquially as the Our Ladys Guild, it became a gathering place for local dignitaries as well as a hotbed for political intrigue. The Guild was influential in the eventual outcome of the War of the Roses.

Its premises in Chantry, Church Street, Aylesbury, are still standing, although the premises are now used mostly for retail. Aylesbury was declared a new county town in Buckinghamshire by King Henry VIII in 1529: the manor of Aylesbury was one of several properties owned by Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn, and there are speculations the King made this change in order to ingratiate himself with the family.

The pestilence devastated the population in 1603/4.


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DTCUK is a trading mark of Driving Test UK Limited. We are a privately owned family company with Head Offices in Croydon, London. Founded by Shakti Gadday, helping learner drivers get on the road since 1987, registered with the DVSA under ADI number 120120. We’ve been booking driving tests for over 8 years and have helped over 35,000 learners pass their test quicker.

We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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