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Do you need to be on the road as a matter of urgency? Does your job rely on it? Are you starting University? Is your theory certificate about to expire?

Semi Intensive Driving Courses Ashford

DTC has the solution. We can get you a driving test in the Ashford (London) area within weeks. However, it’s no point having an earlier driving test if you’re not fully prepared. To make sure that you stand an excellent chance of passing your driving, DTC will arrange a Semi Intensive Driving Course in Ashford. You can choose from either a 9 or 14 -hour driving course. During your crash course not only will you be learning to drive, but you will learn the driving test routes for the Ashford area.

Pass in a Week Ashford – High Pass Rate

DTC last minute Intensive Driving Courses Ashford has been designed to help you pass the first time. Our average pass rate in Ashford is 84%, but the national average is only 44%. During the driving crash course in Ashford, you will cover driving in Stanwell, Egham, Staines, Feltham and Shepperton.

Intensive Driving Courses Ashford

If you live in Ashford, your driving test would normally be booked at the Ashford Driving Test Centre. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in the Ashford area.

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages such as Egham, Feltham, Stanwell, Sunbury, Littleton, Shepperton etc 

The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Ashford.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used. Below is the address of Ashford Driving Test Center and other centers nearby. 

Ashford (London Middlesex) Practical
Intensive Driving Courses AshfordDriving Test Center,
18/19 Fir Tree Place
Church Road
Greater London
TW15 2PJ.
View on Google Maps.
Chertsey (London) Practical Driving Test Center, Intensive Driving Lessons Ashford
Unit 4, The Forum,
Hanworth Lane
KT16 9JX
Distance: 3.92 miles.
View on Google Maps.
Hayes (London) Practical DrivingTest Center.Pass in a Week Ashford
Fourways House, Rigby Lane,
Swallowfield Way
Greater London
UB3 1ET.
View on Google Maps.
Distance: 5.19 miles.
Isleworth (London) Practical Driving Test Center.Driving Crash Courses Ashford
The Wireless Factory,
Fleming Way
Greater London,
TW7 6DB.
Distance: 5.86 miles.
View on Google Maps.
Slough (London) Practical Driving Test Center.
Last Minute Driving School AshfordDriving Test Centre Slough,
12 Waterside Drive
View on Google Maps.
Distance: 6.13 miles.

Intensive Driving Lessons Ashford Verses Weekly Driving Lessons

Whether you’re a teenager or a mature person soon approaching retirement, when it comes to learning, we all learn differently. Learning to drive is no different. Some people prefer to take weekly driving lessons from a local driving school in Ashford. However, others would prefer the last minute driving school Ashford.

Pass in a Week Ashford, LondonIntensive Driving Lessons Ashford – Exhausting

However, in order to keep the prices low, many driving schools that offer “Pass in a Week Ashford” will have three learner drivers in the car at the same time with one instructor. You’re actually paying to watch someone else drive! Sitting in a car for 6 to 8 hours per day for a week or two can be extremely exhausting. Usually, many learner drivers switch off after about 4 hours and stop learning.

Intensive Driving Lessons Ashford – Save Time

Taking a “Pass in a Week Ashford” intensive course can have got one massive advantage. If you pass you driving crash course Ashford, you save loads of time and money. However, this will not make you a safe driver as you will be taught to pass the test not to drive safely for life.

Weekly Driving Lessons – Big Advantage

Taking weekly driving lessons allows you to spread the cost over many months and there is no risk in losing you money.  Also, you can always change driving instructors or even driving schools midway. Furthermore, you are taught to drive safely, rather than just to pass the test. You will get experience in dealing with many situations and weather conditions.






Overall, pass rates for all learner drivers is the most popular topic. As humans, we do have the habit to compare ourselves to others. The current national average for the UK is 45.9%.  Over the last five years, pass rates at Ashford London have increased. This specific test center in London, has outperformed every test center in the UK and this can be seen as the confidence boost that learner drivers need. Please see the table below to see how Learner drivers perform at Ashford.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
48.6% 47.5% 50.8% 49.0% 48.5%

Do remember no matter what the percentages are, it should not matter, as passing your driving test depends on your own skills and not the statistics.

Ashford (London Middlesex) is a small town within the boundaries of  London Borough of Hounslow. It is 23km west-southwest of Central London. The name Ashford came from River Ash which is a branch of River Colne. The town Ashford is historically part of Middlesex and has been part of Surrey County Council since 1965. It consists of relatively low density low- and medium-rise buildings none of them being high rise. The town is neighbored by a lot of green space which includes areas like The Prince Club, Bedfont Lakes & Shortwood Common.

A very well known area names Ashford Common has a parade of shops, but is more residential ward that includes part Of Queen Mary Reservoir. Overall, the pass rates in Ashford are high and have never been below 47.5%. It is a small town with medium to low traffic; this makes it a great place to learn to drive.

Document Checks

On the day of the driving test, it’s important that you take your provisional driving license to the test as the examiner will need to check that it is valid. You will not need to take your theory certificate as the examiner will be able to check it on the system. Ashford driving test occasional starts test at 7.13 am when the examiner may not have access to the checking system. It is therefore advisable to have your certificate number just in case. You also need to bring a car that is insured and MOTed. 

Having checked your identity documents, the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters. If you wear glasses to read the number plate, they must be worn throughout the test. Furthermore, after passing the test, your license will be marked as only valid if glasses are worn.

One-ways Roads

There are a few one-way roads on the Ashford driving test route. Many learner drivers have been known to fail at Ashford because they were not aware that they were on a one-way system. Therefore watching road signs and road marking are vital in order to pass your driving test at Ashford. At the entrance to a one-way road, you will be a blue rectangular sign with a white arrow. Please note that this is different from a head-only sign which is a blue circle with an arrow. 

One -way Road sign
There are some one-way roads at this driving test center


Independent Drive

The independent drive takes up half of the driving test at Ashford. It is not an opportunity for you to program the sat nav for the beach, put on the cruise control, and head off wherever you like. The examiner can ask you to follow road signs and road markings to a set destination or ask to follow directions given by a satnav. 

During the independent drive, things are a bit different. In normal driving, let’s say at a roundabout, the examiner will say, “at the roundabout, turn right.” Immediately, you know that you are approaching a roundabout. You also know that you need to start the MSM routine. However, in the independent driving section, you will need to identify that you are approaching a roundabout and then you need to decide when to start the Mirror, Signal & Maneuver routine. 

During the independent driving section, if you’re unsure as to where you are going, you can ask the examiner. The driving examiners at Ashford will not mind and will willingly help you. This is because they know that you have identified the roundabout in good time and want to start the MSM routine. Having said this, if you reached the roundabout and then asked the examiner which direction you were going, they would not help you because, at that point, you may already be in the wrong position to turn where the examiner wanted you to go.

Ashford Driving Test Center
Fordbridge Road
At the traffic lights, turn left
Church Road
At the traffic lights, take the second left
Station Crescent
Take the third right
Salcombe Road
Take a left
Ashford Crescent
At the end of the road, turn right
Kenilworth Road
At the end of the road, turn left
Stanwell Road
At the traffic light, turn right
London Road
Take the third left
Short Lane
Go to the end of the road
Long Lane
Take the third right
Holywell Way
Take a left
Longford Avenue
Take the second left
Explorer Avenue
Take the second right
Hadrian Way
At the end of the road, take a left, at the mini roundabout go straight ahead
Clare Road
At the end of the road, go right
Town Lane
At the end of the road, at the mini roundabout turn left
Park Road
At the end of the road, at the traffic light, turn left
Stanwell Moor Road
At the roundabout, go straight ahead
Fordbridge Road
At the mini roundabout, go straight ahead
Ashford Driving Test Center
Ashford Driving Test Center
Fordbridge Rd
At the traffic lights, turn right
Church Rd
Roundabout, straight ahead
Town Tree Rd
Turn left
Convent Way
At the roundabout, ahead
Clockhouse Lane/Parkland Rd/Clockhouse Lane
At roundabout, take the 2nd exit
Great South West Rd
At the traffic light, take a left
Stanwell Rd
At roundabout, take the 2nd exit
Bedfont Rd
Take a left
Long Lane
Take the 2nd right
Holywell Rd
Take a left
Explorer Rd / Clyde Rd
Take left at the end of the road
London Rd
At the roundabout, go straight ahead
Staines Bypass
At the roundabout, take a right
Kingston Road
At the roundabout take a right, at the traffic light take a right
Woodthorpe Road
At the mini roundabout, take a right
Stanwell Road
Take a left
Chaucer Road
At the end of the road, take a right
Clarendon Road
Ashford Driving Test Centre


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