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Automatic and Manual Car Hire for Driving Test Chingford
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Information – Chingford Driving Test Centre

Car drivers should park their car in the car park which is located to the left of the bus station. However, motorbike users should park in the car park provided at the rear of the driving test centre. Both Male and female toilets are available. Chingford Driving Test Centre conducts testing for Car drivers, motorcyclist and also for ADI part two.

Address for Chingford Practical Driving Test Centre 

Last minute manual and automatic driving test car hire Chingford available.
Last minute manual and automatic driving test car hire Chingford available.

Doric House
128 Station Road
Greater London E4 6AD





Chingford Driving Test Centre on Google Maps

Chingford Town Information

Driving Test Centres closet to Chingford:Hire car for driving test chingford

Loughton Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 2.33 miles
Enfield Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 3.28 miles
Wanstead Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 3.72 miles
Tottenham Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 4.28 miles
Wood Green Practical Test Centre (London)  – Distance: 5.76 miles

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Driving Test Car Hire Chingford – Preparation

Dual Controlled Car Hire ChingfordThe average waiting list for a driving test in Chingford is well over nine weeks. You should, therefore, congratulate yourself that you have managed to find a last minute driving test. Sorting out a driving test car hire in Chingford is not a problem with DTC UK. However, you need to do the most important thing which is to prepare yourself to pass.

Last Minute Driving Instructor Chingford – Contact Instructor

Emergency Driving Instructor ChingfordWhether you have been taking regular driving lessons from the same instructor or whether you are having a car for your driving test, it is always wise to make contact the day before. After all, driving instructors of human beings and can make mistakes. If you are not feeling 100% confident, DTC can arrange one-day intensive driving lessons in the Chingford area.





Dual Control Car Hire Chingford – Eat

Automatic Car Rental for Driving Test ChingfordWhat you eat will make your body react in different ways. The driving test is early in the morning, you will require night sleep. Therefore, carbohydrate-rich foods such as Pasta will help. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates will make you feel sleepy. Now, if your driving test is in the afternoon, consider something with protein in it such as meat or eggs. Protein will keep you alert. Whatever you decide to eat, do not go to a driving test on an empty stomach.


DTC Fast Track Driving Test Chingford

DTC Fast Track Driving Test Chingford will search over 3000 times per day, each and every single day the Chingford driving test centre for you. We’ll continue to search until we find an earlier driving test date than meets not only your requirements but also your driving instructor’s requirements. We do have a small charge of £30. To proceed with the Fast Track Driving Test Chingford simply call DTC during office hours.

First of all begin at the Chingford DTC
Take a right at the exit
Rangers Road
Turn right
Epping New Road
At the traffic lights, right
Whitehall Road
LEft turn
Newlands Road
When you reach the end, left
Whitehall Road
Right turn here
Friday Hill
Again right turn
Simmons Lane
Left turn
Take a right
Hatch Lane
Roundabout right
Larkshall Road
Roundabout left
Kings Road
At the traffic lights, left
Station Road
Finally take a right turn into
Chingford Driving Test centre


About us

Short Notice Driving Test Car Rental Chingford

DTC UK has been established and registered with the DVSA since 1987 under ADI 120120. We can book short notice driving test not only at Chingford but throughout the UK, covering each and every single practise test centre.

We started our “Driving Test Car Hire Chingford” service in 2009 and have help 1000s of learners pass their dring test at short notice. If you have booked at Short Notice at either Chingford or anywhere in the UK, we may be able to help with a rental car. All our cars are insured and fitted with dual controls, for your safety.

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