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Earlier Driving Test Westbury – Location

Located in a popular sports centre with ample parking spaces you will find Westbury driving test centre. Due to this reason, the bay park manoeuvre is highly likely in the driving test. The driving examiner may request the bay park manoeuvre either at the beginning of the driving test or at the very end. You may be requested to either reverse into the bay and then drive out or alternatively drive forward into the bay and then reverse out.

Cancellation Driving Tests Westbury – Narrow Residential Roads

As soon as you come out of the car park you enter very narrow roads often with parked vehicles on both sides. You must be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles while being fully aware of the space around you.

Many of the junctions around the Westbury driving test centre area are closed, some totally blind. Once you’ve come to a stop at the junction, creep forward until you get a view. If you are 99% sure that it is safe to proceed, you must wait. This is because you still have that one per cent doubt. Use extreme caution and proceed only when you are hundred per cent sure.

Short Notice Driving Test Westbury – High-Speed Roads

The driving examiner will also take you on to some high-speed A roads. You must show that you can make progress if it is safe to do so. However, safe you must and will become compromised. 7

For a Short Notice Driving Test at Westbury simply text, whats app or email Alternatively, give us a call.

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Address of Westbury Practical Driving Test Centre

Westbury DTC,
Leighton Recreation Centre
Willhead Lane
BA13 3PT.

View on Google Maps.

Both male and female toilets are available at Westbury Driving Test Centre. Parking facilities are also available. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Car only.

Car driving test centres closest to Westbury DTC:

Trowbridge Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.32 miles
Chippenham Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 14.84 miles
Bristol Brislington Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 19.74 miles
Bristol Kingswood Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 20.14 miles
Salisbury Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 21.26 miles

Pass Rate for Westbury Practical Driving Test Centre

The Westbury Practical Test centre has a pass rate of 55% which is well above most test centre in the UK. Last year there were 706 car tests conducted from the Westbury Test Centre. Out of these, the examiner issued 388 pass certificates.

Driving Test Cancellations Westbury

The Westbury practical test centre is currently struggling to keep up with demand for driving tests in the area. It operates waiting list of approximately two months. However, earlier driving tests for the Westbury practical test centre will occasionally come up and these will appear at the government’s official website GOV.UK. There are only two reasons why driving test cancellations may appear. The first that examiner may decide to work overtime and the second is that another learner driver may decide to cancel their driving test appointment.

Change Driving Test with DTC UK

DTC driving test cancellations monitor the GOV.UK every 20 seconds of every day. Due to the number of searches we make, we have an excellent chance of finding you a driving test cancellation within two weeks. If you are prepared to be flexible and will consider other driving test centres, you can even find you a last-minute driving test the very same week. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Westbury.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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