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Driving Test Cancellations Shieldhall, Glasgow DTC UK Driving

Located on the outskirts of Glasgow is Shieldhall driving test centre. The exit out of the driving test centre can be a little bit tricky. The last impression is usually the last impression. Therefore, take your time coming after test centre makes sure you merge out safely.

Cancellation Driving Tests Shieldhall – Roundabouts

Due to the location of the test centre, expect a deal the wide range of road systems including roundabouts, crossroads and various other junctions. Shieldhall itself has many mini roundabouts. However, as you go further away you will find larger multilane traffic controlled roundabouts.  Road positioning on the roundabout is very important.

Watching for all roads Signs and road markings on approach to these roundabouts will help you to position correctly. If you’re unsure as to where you are going, but only on the roundabouts need time during the test, you may ask the driving examiner for confirmation. They will help you.

Earlier Driving Test Shieldhall – Independent Drive

The driving test from Glasgow, Shieldhall last approximately 40 to 45 minutes. During this time, the driving examiner will ask you to do about 20 minutes of independent driving. This is where you are required to follow directions using a satnav. The satnav will be provided by the driving examiner.

The purpose of the independent driving section is there to test your ability to drive under pressure. If you were to miss the turning or even end up going in the wrong direction, it would not fail the driving test. This is providing that you continue to drive in a safe manner.

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Address for Glasgow Shieldhall Practical Driving Test Centre

Shieldhall DTC,                                                                                                                                          Bogmoor Road,
ShieldHall West,
City of Glasgow.
G51 4TH.

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The Glasgow Shieldhall driving test centre has Male, female and disabled toilets are available. The test centre also has wheelchair access. However, no parking spaces are available at the test centre.

Car driving test centres closest to Glasgow Shieldhall DTC:

Glasgow Anniesland Practical Test Centre – Distance: 1.78 miles
Paisley Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.12 miles
Glasgow Bishopbriggs Practical Test Centre – Distance: 7.13 miles
Glasgow Baillieston Practical Test Centre – Distance: 9.16 miles
East Kilbride Practical Test Centre – Distance: 9.35 miles


Short Notice Driving Test Shieldhall – Pass Rate

Glasgow Shieldhall Driving Test Centre has an average pass rate of 41.4%. Last year, 2798 people attempted their driving test, with 1159 people passing their driving test, giving Glasgow Shieldhall driving test centre a pass rate of 41.4%.


Driving Test Cancellations Shieldhall

Glasgow is a growing city with a great demand for driving test appointment. Glasgow Shieldhall Driving Test Centre is no exception. It currently has a waiting list of the few months but driving test appointments. Driving test cancellations for Shieldhall do occasionally appear on the official government website at GOV.UK is usually snapped up exceptionally quick.

Change Driving Test From ADI

If you recently failed a driving test and are looking for an earlier driving test date, the first of contact should be your instructor. An instructor normally knows of the pupil or even two who may have a driving test coming up but will be aware near prepared for it. The driving instructor can call the DVSA and simply request that they change your driving test date with that of the other pupil. This way everyone benefits.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

However, your instructor is unable to assist you, you may wish to employ the services of DTC driving test cancellations. We are continuously logged on to the official government website, searching for earlier driving test dates over 3000 times per day. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Shieldhall.

Shieldhall Driving Test Centre
First Left,
Renfrew Road
Roundabout Turn left
Shieldhall Road
Traffic Lights Right
Fifty Pitches Road
Third R/bout ahead, then R/bout left.
which Becomes
Balshagray Avenue
Traffic Lights Right
Victotia Park Gardens
End Right
Crow Road
Traffic Lights Right
Broomhill Drive
Left at the roundabout.
Dumbarton Road
Take first right
Sorley Street
Join Clyeside Expressway
Exit Finnieston Slip Road
Pointhouse Road
Traffic lighs Right
Finnieston Street
Second lights ahead.
Pacific Quay
Straight at Roundabout
Govan Road
R/bout right then first left
Summertown Road
Second right, End Left
Broomloan Road
Ronndabout right
Edmiston Drive
R/bout ahead,then lights ahead
Shieldhall Road
R/bout ahead then r/bout right.
Renfrew Road
Finally, right into
Shieldhall Driving Test Centre


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