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Situated in the south-east of London, Sevenoaks driving test centre is likely to incorporate a combination of both in town driving, rural country roads and “A” roads A21 dual carriageway.

Cancellation Driving Tests Sevenoaks – In Town Driving

Quick Driving Test Seven Oaks, LondonFirstly, in town, the examiner will assess your ability and skills and be dealing with road systems such as mini roundabouts, marked and unmarked crossroads and junctions of various sorts. You will also be assessed and meeting oncoming vehicles leaving adequate clearance for parked cars. Secondly, rural country roads examiner an opportunity to see how you deal safely with unpredictable bends and hazards such as potholes. Finally, on the dual carriageways, the examiner will expect you make progress and get off the speed limit if road and traffic conditions allow it. At the same time, it is important that you leave safe gap away from the driver in front.

Earlier Driving Test Sevenoaks – Driving Test Routes

Earlier Driving Test Dates Seven Oaks, LondonIt is not important to know each and every single driving route. However, being familiar with the first few roads around the driving test centre is always beneficial. Many learner drivers who fail the driving test do so within the first few minutes or the last few minutes.

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Address of Sevenoaks Practical Driving Test Centre

Sevenoaks DTC,
45 Argyle Road
TN13 1HJ.

Last minute driving tests in sevenoaks

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Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access to Sevenoaks practical test centre.  However, Special arrangements will be made for candidates with a mobility impairment. Both male and female toilet facilities are available. Please note that no car parking facilities are available. The centre extends its services to car drivers, taxi and ADIs.

Car driving test centres closest to Sevenoaks DTC:

Tunbridge Wells Practical Test Centre – Distance: 9.94 miles
London Sidcup Practical Test Centre – Distance: 10.58 miles
London West WickhamPractical Test Centre  – Distance: 11.21 miles
London Bromley Court Practical Test Centre – Distance: 12.86 miles
London Mitcham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 14.45 miles

Short Notice Driving Test Sevenoaks – Pass Rate

Fast Track Driving Test Cancellations Seven Oaks, LondonSevenoaks Driving Test Centre has an average pass rate of 52%. Last year, 2715 people attempted their driving test, with 1412 people passing their driving test, giving Sevenoaks driving test centre a pass rate of 52%.


Driving Test Cancellations Sevenoaks

DTC searches for Driving Test Cancellations at Sevenoaks, London every 20 secondsIf you’re interested in getting an earlier driving test date at Sevenoaks, then DTC UK will surely be able to help you. We search the DVSA website every 20 seconds for cancellations at Sevenoaks. As soon as a driving test cancellation appears, our team will grab it. If it matches your requirements, then we would automatically book it for you. However, if for some reason you or your driving instructor are not able except the driving test cancellation date, it’s not a problem. We will simply search again for another practical test to suit your requirements.

Driving Test Cancellation Sevenoaks

Driving test cancellations at the Sevenoaks test center are far and few. If you have been lucky enough to land a cancellation, you may be faced with another problem. Most instructors in and around the Sevenoaks area are fully booked up weeks ahead. As a result, your instructor may not be available to take you to the test.

Hire Car for Driving Test Sevenoaks

DTC has the answer. We have a team of driving instructors available last minute at all London driving test centers. Our emergency driving instructors come with a dual control car which meats all DVSA requirements. With our “Driving Test Car Hire Sevenoaks” service, you have a choice between an automatic or a manual car.

Intensive Driving Lessons Sevenoaks

However, if you don’t feel 100% ready, you have the option of taking a few intensive lessons. The intensive driving lessons are structured to get you through the practical test in the shortest possible time. Find out more about our Intensive driving lessons Sevenoaks.

Driving Test Centre - Sevenoaks
Take right
Argyle Road
Traffic Lights Right
London Road
seven right
Solefields Road
second right.
Grassy Lane
second left
Burntwood Road
End Left
Grassy Lane
also, End left
Oaks Lane
Fourth Right
Brittains Lane
Second right.
Julians Way
first left
Julians Close
End Left
Julians Way
End Right
Grange Rd
End Left
Julians Way
First Right.
Brittains Lane
first left
Amhurst Hill
second exit
London Road
Roundabout ahead, r/bout right
Bradbourne Vale Road
Traffic Lights right
St Johns Hill
ahead then right
London Rd
First Left
South Park
Second right
Argyle Rd
finally right back into
Sevenoaks Driving Test Centre


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