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Montrose – Eyesight Test

The drive from Montrose practical test centre begins with the driving examiner conducting an eyesight test. During this test, you will be simply asked to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres. Provided that you have successfully read the number plate, the examiner will be asked and vehicle safety question before starting the actual drive.

Montrose – Reverse Parking

Montrose practical test centre car park with marked bays, there is a possibility that the examiner may ask you to bay park exercise right at the beginning or very end of the test. There are two types of park manoeuvers. Firstly, there is the reverse bay park where the driving examiner will ask you to reverse into a bay of your and then drive forward out. Secondly, there is the forward bay park the driving examiner will ask you would park and the choice and reverse out.

Montrose – Country Lanes

As you leave Montrose driving test centre, you will with several rural country lanes. These lanes extremely challenging due to the high speeds long with sharp corners. High-speed “A” roads such as the A90 is highly likely to appear on the driving test. 40 minutes’ drive from Montrose driving test centre will consist half the time the independent driving section. During this section of the driving test you may either be asked to follow road signs or be directions may satnav. Every three driving test candidates will be asked to carry out the emergency stop procedure. You carry out this exercise, the examiner will ask you on the left a procedure to the procedure you. Furthermore, the driving examiner will make sure it is safe to carry out the manoeuvre for requesting you to stop.

Montrose – Driving Tests During Winter

During the winter months, several driving tests are cancelled at the Montrose driving test centre due to severe weather conditions. When booking a driving test you may want to consider an appointment at 10 AM. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it allows time for the temperature to rise and there a greater possibility that the test will be conducted. Secondly, it will allow you time to call the driving test centre check the driving test centre. This will save you wasted journey as the necessarily paying money to the instructor.

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Address of Montrose Practical Driving Test Centre 

Montrose DTC,
Broomfield Industrial Estate
DD10 9BB.

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There is no disabled access to Montrose Driving Test Centre. However,  special arrangements will be made if you have a disability. Male and female toilets available. Please park in a marked bay and wait for the examiner in the waiting room. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Cars only.


Driving Test Centres closest to Montrose DTC:

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Forfar Practical Test Centre – Distance: 17.07 miles
Dundee Practical Test Centre – Distance: 26.69 miles
Aberdeen Practical Test Centre – Distance: 28.68 miles
Ballater Practical Test Centre – Distance: 31.17 miles

Pass Rate at Montrose Driving Test Centre

Montrose Driving Test Centre has a high pass rate of 62.1%. This figure has been achieved from the number of attempted driving test booked over the last year, by the number of candidates who passed their practical driving test. Last year, 343 people attempted their driving test, with 213 people passing, giving Montrose test centre a pass rate of 62.1%.


When you book your last-minute intensive driving lessons, you will have the choice of learning in an automatic or a manual car. Last year alone, there were over 1.7 million driving tests conducted. Out of these, only about 30% were taken in an automatic car.

Manual or Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons

It’s easier to pass your driving test in a week by taking an automatic car compared to a manual. This is because you don’t have the extra task of changing gears, especially on approach to junctions such as roundabouts. This, in turn, means that you will have more time to focus on the speed and observations on the approach to such junctions. Once you’ve passed your driving test in an automatic, you will be restricted to driving only automatics. However, you are most welcome to upgrade to a manual license by retaking and passing another test.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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