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Cancellation Driving Tests Kingswood – 3 Driving Test Centres

Kingswood driving test centre is one of three test centres in Bristol. test. The drive from Kingswood will feature many complex urban roads. Although the residential roads are relatively quiet, they can become quite challenging. This is due to the fact that many of the roads around Kingswood are narrow. Often they are parked cars on both sides. Be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Earlier Driving Test Kingswood – Meeting Vehicles

As soon as you see an oncoming vehicle, check the rearview mirror and is the accelerator. This will give you time to think. If in doubt, slow down prepared to stop. The driving examiner will be carefully watching how much distance you allow for parked vehicles. Ideally, you want to leave metre away from parked cars. That is equivalent to a door length. However, we all know that the residential roads of Kingswood, it is not always possible. Just bear in mind, “ The smaller the gap, the slower the speed.”

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Bristol Kingswood Practical Driving Test Centre

Kingswood DTC,
The Siston Centre,
Station Road,
BS15 4GQ.

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Both Male and female toilets are available at the Bristol Kingswood driving test centre.  A car park is also available. However, spaces are limited. Car Taxi, Motorcycle, Lorries and buses are all tested at this centre. Testing of Driving Instructors also takes place at Bristol Kingswood DTC.

Driving Test Centres closest to Bristol Kingswood:

Bristol Brislington Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.79 miles
Bristol  Southmead Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.69 miles
Bristol  Avonmouth Practical Test Centre – Distance: 9.02 miles
Chippenham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 14.88 miles
Trowbridge Practical Test Centre – Distance: 16.49 miles


Pass Rate at Kingswood Driving Test Centre

Kingswood driving test centre in Bristol has an above average pass rate in the UK, at 50.3%. This figure has been calculated over 6 month period between April 2017- September 2017, of how the driving test was booked and how many candidates passed their driving test. During this period, 3474 people attempted a driving test with 1748 people passing, giving the test centre a pass rate of 50.3% for this period.


Driving Test Cancellations Kingswood

Like all driving test centres in the Bristol area, Kingswood practical test centre has a huge waiting list of well over two months and more at some times of the year. Driving test cancellations are available but are sought after and disappear extremely quickly. Any driving test cancellations will appear on the official government website GOV.UK a login using your driving licence number and your booking application reference number.

DTC Short Notice Driving Test Kingswood

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in at GOV.UK throughout the day. As a matter of fact, will make with 3000 searches per day at any particular test centre whether it be a Kingswood or at any other test centre in Bristol. As soon as we find an earlier driving test date which meets your requirements, we will not hesitate to book it. As soon as we have booklist cancellation and your name, will ask you appointment is suitable for your needs. You will only be asked to make payment if both you and your instructor are happy with your new driving test cancellation. If for some reason, you are not available on the day, it’s not a problem. Simply search for an alternative driving test cancellation on your behalf. Call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test date at either Kingswood or Bristol is any other practical test centre.

Driving Test Centre
End Left
Greystoke Avenue
Mini R/bout right
Doncaster Road
Traffic Lights right
Southmead Road
Roundabout left
Wellingtonm Hill West
second right
Harbury Road
End Right, Then End right again
South Croft
End Right
Hill View
Third Right
Henleaze Park Drive
End Left
Henleaze Road
fourth right
Cavendish Road
end left
Westbury Road
Roundabout right
Parrys Lane
take sixth right
Stoke Lane
traffic lights left
Falcondale Road
traffic light ahead, then light left
Southdown Road
End Left
Hanbury Road
sixth right
Crow Road
roundabout take third exit
Passage Road
Greystoke rd
finally, second left
Concorde Drive
Kingswoods Driving Test Centre


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