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Earlier Driving Test Grimsby – Location

Located on the outskirts of town, Grimsby driving test centre will incorporate various road systems. Marked and unmarked crossroads and various junctions are all to be expected on the driving test route. Mini-roundabouts found in residential roads to the multilane roundabouts which lead to busy ‘A’ road such as the A180 also to be expected in the test.

Short Notice Driving Test Grimsby – Overview

The driving test from the will last approximately 35 to 40 minutes. During this time you will be expected to do about 20 minutes of independent driving. This may involve the use of the satnav which will be provided by the examiner. Also during the drive, you will be expected to carry out one reversing manoeuvre and possibly the emergency stop exercise.

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Address for Grimsby Practical Driving Test Centre 

Grimsby DTC,
Estate Road No 1, South Humberside Trading Estate,
DN31 2TB.

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Both male and female toilets are available at this centre. However, No parking facilities are available. Therefore, please park legally on a public road. Grimsby Driving Test Centre Provides Tests For Car, Motorcycle, Taxi, Lorries and buses. Also, ADI testing conducted.

Driving test Centres Closest to Grimsby DTC:

Hull Practical Test Centre – Distance: 15.79 miles
Louth Practical Test Centre – Distance: 15.96 miles
Scunthorpe Practical Test Centre – Distance: 21.82 miles
Lincoln Practical Test Centre – Distance: 33.2 miles
Bridlington Practical Test Centre – Distance: 35.09 miles



Pass Rate at Grimsby Driving Test Centre

Grimsby is a relatively busy driving test centre, averaging over 400 driving tests per month. Its pass rate is similar to the average in the country; with a pass rate of 47%. This is taken from data collected over a 6 month period, showing that 2311 driving tests were conducted here. From this number, 1084 people passed their test.

Although the pass rate may seem low, it’s entirely possible to pass if you are aware of the rules of the road, and show caution whilst driving. You must also pass individual aspects of the test, for example, the show and tell questions and manoeuvres.

Driving Test Cancellations Grimsby

The Grimsby practical test centre is a very busy test centre struggling to keep up with demand in the area. The average learner driver has to wait approximately nine weeks for a driving test appointment. This can be a serious problem for someone who has recently failed their driving test. Any delay in taking a retest could mean that you may forget some of the important things that are required to get your licence. It is unless you continue to take regular lessons which as we all know are expensive.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged on to GOV.UK where earlier driving test dates for Grimsby will be released. These dates are only released for one of two reasons. Firstly, for a date to be released, somebody needs to cancel their practical test. The second reason for dates to be released is if an examiner chooses to work overtime. DTC driving test cancellations will make over 3000 searches each and every single day for your suitable date. We do a fee of £30 but you only pay this fee once you are happy and you accept the newly booked a driving test in your name. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Grimsby.

Driving Test Centre - Grimsby
End Right
Laforay Road
Also. End Right
Woad Lane
First left
Estate Road Number One
Straight on at Roundabout
Right at r/bout.
Pyewipe Road
traffic lights ahead
Boulevard Avenue
Straight on at Roundabout
Yarborough Road
take Fourth Left
Cross Coats Road
Mini R/bout right
Littlefield Lane
Which becomes.
Chelmsford Avenue
R/bout left
Westward Ho
Hereford Avenue
Gloucester Ave
End Right
Hereford Ave
End Left.
Laceby Road
r/bout straight on
second traffic lights ahead
Fredwick Ward Way
New Cartergate
which becomes
Lord Street
sixth Right.
Richard Street
End Left
Haven Avenue
End Right
Boulevard Ave
Traffic lights ahead
Pyewipe Road
straight on at roundabout.
Right at roundabout
Estate Road Number one
end right
Woad Lane
take First Left
Laforay Road
Finally, Left
Grimsby Driving Test Centre


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