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Earlier Driving Test Grantham – Busy Town Roads

Located in and around busy town roads you will find grants driving test centre. The driving examiner will expect you to have excellent knowledge and skills and dealing with roundabouts of all shapes and sizes. Also, expect crossroads and junctions of various sorts.

The driving examiner will probably take you out of the residential area onto A1 or the A52 and then through some rural country roads. Many learner drivers fail on these type of roads for not making progress. The driving examiner will expect you make progress when the opportunity arises. However, the same time they do expect you to show caution when needed. Bearing mind that safety is the priority at all times in the driving test.

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Address for Grantham Practical Driving Test Centre 

Spitalgate Airfield,
Blue Harbour,
NG31 7TX.

View on Google Maps.

When arriving for your test appointment, Please follow the one-way system around the building to the designated parking. Both male and female toilets are available. Car parking spaces are limited. Therefore, Please do not practice on site. This centre offers its services to cars only.

Driving Test Centres Closest to Grantham DTC:

Melton Mowbray Practical Test Centre – Distance: 15.7 miles
Nottingham Colwick Practical Test Centre – Distance: 20.51 miles
Lincoln Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 20.9 miles
Boston Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 23.77 miles
Leicester Cannock Street Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 26.4 miles

Pass Rate at Grantham Driving Test Centre

Grantham driving test centre has a pass rate which is in line to with a majority of the driving test centres in the UK. Its pass rate is 49.3%. Yearly, the test centre conducts around 4822 driving tests, out of this-this, examiners pass 2386 candidates.

In order to pass, you must impress the driving examiner and perform well in each aspect of the driving test. Examples of these include the maneuvers and independent driving section. You must also show caution whilst driving and care for other road users, such as pedestrians and other cars.

Driving Test Cancellations Grantham

Grantham practical test centre is extremely popular and has a waiting time of approximately nine weeks for driving test appointment. This can be a real problem for someone who has just failed the driving test and is looking to take one at the earliest opportunity. Driving test cancellations do occasionally appear at the Grantham practical test centre and these can be found at the official government website GOV.UK.

Short Notice Driving Test Grantham

Unfortunately, the DVSA does not hold a driving test cancellation waiting list and has never done so. However, you can still search for these earlier driving test dates using your driving licence number and application reference number. Earlier date will only be shown if someone who currently has a driving test booked decides to cancel it for some reason. Alternatively, driving test cancellations may appear at the Grangemouth practical test centre if an examiner decides to work overtime.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in at GOV.UK searching for earlier driving test dates. When we find a driving test cancellation which meets your needs, will only have 15 minutes to complete the booking. Therefore, rather than risk losing the test, we will automatically be it on your behalf. We will then send you a simple text message requesting you to confirm that you are happy with the new driving test cancellation date that has been booked for you. If for some reason, you are not available, is not a problem. Will simply find an alternative driving test cancellation at Grantham on your behalf. The fee of £30 is only payable once you are totally happy with the new driving test cancellation that has been booked for you. Why not call DTC UK now discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Grantham.

Driving Test Centre - Grantham
take right
Cecil Street
End Right
St Annes Street
also, End Right
Dudley Road
End Left
St Catherines Road
Welham Street
End Left
Avenue Road
Traffic Lights Right
High Street
Traffic Lights Ahead
Traffic Lights Right
Brook Street
Follow towards left.
manthorpe Road
Traffic lights Right
Belton Lane
Harrowby Road
R/bout left, then Right
Kenilworth Road
End right
harrowby Lane
End right.
High Dyke
Also, End Right
right at the roundabout
Somerby Hill
Take right
Harrowby Road
turn left
St Catherines
also, Turn Left.
Dudley Road
left, once again
Granville Street
Cecil Street
finally, right
Grantham Driving Test Centre


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