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Cancellation Driving Tests Edinburgh – Two Test Centres

Edinburgh has two driving test centres. The first is Musselburgh and the second is Currie. Regardless of which test centre you choose both will involve various road systems including roundabouts of all shapes and sizes. Crossroads, junctions and possibly one-way roads will also feature in the driving test. The examiner at Edinburgh driving test centre will expect you to have a good understanding and skills able to deal with these hazards.

Earlier Driving Test Edinburgh – Residential Roads

Part of the driving test will involve residential roads. These residential roads seem very easy. However, it can easily be challenging. It is due to the fact that many of the residential roads in Edinburgh are often narrow with parked cars. You must, therefore, be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Rural Roads

The driving examiner may take you out of Edinburgh into the rural roads. These are rural roads are not as well maintained as residential roads of Edinburgh. You must, therefore, expect to deal with hazards that poor road maintenance brings along with it, such as potholes.

High-speed a roads such as the A720 is also likely to be part of the practical driving test.

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Address for Edinburg Practical Driving Test Centre 

Currie DTC,
13-15 Bryce Road,
City of Edinburgh,
EH14 5LT.

View on Google Maps.

There is a stepped access to Currie Driving Test Centre. However, ramp to access for wheelchair users is available. Male, female and disabled toilets available.The centres conduct testings for cars. Also, some ADI tests available.


Musselburgh DTC,
Newhailes Industrial Estate
Newhailes Road
Olivebank, Musselburgh
City of Edinburgh
EH21 6SJ.

View on Google.

Male, female and disabled toilets available at this test centre. Car, Motorcycle and Trailers testing is available. Also, ADI testing available.


Driving Test Centres Closest to Edinburgh:

Haddington Practical Test Centre – Distance: 11.86 miles
Kirkcaldy Practical Test Centre – Distance: 13.41 miles
Dunfermline Practical Test Centre – Distance: 15.96 miles
Peebles Practical Test Centre – Distance: 20.36 miles
Galashiels Practical Test Centre – Distance: 25.06 miles


Pass Rate at Edinburgh Driving Test Centre

Both test centres in Edinburgh have very similar pass rates, there’s only a difference of 1%. Edinburgh Currie conducts around 7000 driving tests yearly, from this number, around 3400 of them pass. Giving the test centre a pass rate of 49%. In comparison, Musselburgh centre has around 6000 candidates attempting their driving test here yearly. Out of which 2800 of them are passed by the examiners. Giving a pass rate of 48%.

The similarity in pass rates could be due to the fact that they are in very similar areas, and both test centre routes would most likely intersect. Meaning it doesn’t really matter which driving test centre you choose.

Driving Test Cancellations Edinburgh

There are two practical test centres in Edinburgh and both are extremely busy with a large waiting list of over two months. Driving instructors normally advise their pupils to book their driving test a couple of months earlier. Many learner drivers tend to worry about this, thinking that they may not be prepared for the test in time. However, this should be seen as a problem. One week before your practical driving test, you can always change the date to a later one. The DVSA will not charge you any extra to change a driving test date. As a matter of fact, you can change your driving test date six times the government’s official website, GOV.UK.

Short Notice Driving Test Edinburgh from Instructor

The large waiting list for driving tests at Edinburgh can cause a serious problem for learners who have recently failed, especially those with small mistakes. There are a few ways of getting earlier driving test dates. The easiest and the quickest way to earlier driving test is to ask your instructor. Instructors normally know of pupils who are approaching a test but will not achieve the required test standard. The instructor can call the DVSA and request that they change your driving test date with that of the other pupil. If your instructor cannot help you, you may want to consider searching yourself.

Earlier Practical Tests at GOV.UK

Driving test cancellations very rarely appear at Edinburgh and when they do they are usually snapped up within minutes. Before searching for an earlier driving test date, you must make sure that your booking at GOV.UK you are located a booking application reference number. You will need this reference number along with your driving licence number to make changes to your driving test. You must be prepared to spend a good couple of hours on a daily basis. If you have the time to do this, that’s great but if you do not have the time, you may like to use the services of DTC UK.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

We can search for earlier driving test dates at Edinburgh every 20 seconds throughout the day from 6 AM to 11:30 PM. We can easily book you an earlier driving test within two weeks. We do have a barrage of £30 for our service but this charge is not made until a happy with the time and date of the driving test which we have booked for you. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test date at Edinburgh.

Currie Driving Test Centre
Roundabout right
Riccarton Main Road
Two R/bouts ahead then r/bout right
A71 Calder Road
r/bout straight on
Calder Road
roundabout right
Wester Hailes Road
traffic lights left
Harvesters Way
right then right again
Wester Hailes Road
left at traffic lights
Westburn Ave/Barberton Mains Hill
End left
Baberton Main Drive
sixth left
Baberton Mains View
roundabout right
Wester Hailes Road
Viewfield Road
Muirend Ave
End Right
Lanark Road
Baberton Crescent
End Left
Foulis Crescent
End Right
Lanark Road
Sixth Right
Riccarton Mains Road
Roundabout right
Bryce Road
then then finally, into
Edinburgh DTC


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