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Dumfries is home to two driving test centres. The first conducts testing for cars and motorcycles while the second conducts driving tests for large goods vehicles. Therefore, it is essential that you check your email confirmation letter so that you arrive at the correct driving test centre.

Earlier Driving Test Dumfries – Roundabouts

The driving test centre which conducts tests for cars is located among many road systems including roundabouts. These roundabouts will range from small mini-roundabouts that are often located in the residential areas to large multilane roundabouts just outside of the town.

Short Notice Driving Test Dumfries – Dual Carriageways

Dual carriageways such as the A75 and rural roads are also likely to appear in the driving test. The rural country lanes can be tricky due to the high speeds combined with the often sharp bends. The driving examiner will expect you make progress when appropriate. However, at the same time, it is vital that you drive at a speed at which you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. Safety is paramount.

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Address for Dumfries Practical Driving Test Centre 

Dumfries DTC,
161 Brooms Road,
Dumfries & Galloway,
DG1 2SH.

View on Google Maps.

There is a couple of steps to access the Dumfries driving test centre. However,  ramp access for wheelchair users is available.  Male, female and disabled toilets are also available. Car parking facilities available but is limited.


Heath Hall Industrial Estate,
DG1 3PH.

Both Male and female toilets are available. However, special arrangements will be made for test candidates that have a disability.

LGV centre ONLY provides testing for Large Vehicles.


Nearby driving test centres to Dumfries:

Castle Douglas driving test centre – Distance: 18.46 miles
Carlisle driving test centre – Distance: 27.68 miles
Workington driving test centre – Distance: 31.46 miles
Cumnock driving test centre – Distance: 37.36 miles
Newton Stewart driving test centre – Distance: 37.75 miles

Pass Rate at Dumfries Driving Test Centre

Dumfries is relatively quiet driving test centre, as only around 140 driving tests are taken here each month. From this number, around 65 candidates usually pass the test. This gives the test centre a pass rate of around 48%, which is in line with the average for centres across the UK.

Further data can be used to support this statistic, as during a 6-month duration from April to September 2016 826 driving tests were attempted by pupils, and 395 of them passed and received a full licence. Giving the test centre a more accurate pass rate of 47.8%.


Driving Test Cancellations Dumfries

The average waiting time for a driving test at the Dumfries practical test centre is just over two months. It is possible to get an earlier driving test date but first, you do need to have a driving test booked. When booking a driving test make sure you use the official government site

There are other sites on the Internet where you may be able to book driving tests but there will charge you an extra £20 or so just for the privilege. You book your driving test, you make log back into the government website and search were driving test cancellations. Unfortunately, driving test cancellations are very rarely appeared at the Dumfries practical test centre. When they appear, are usually snapped up extremely quickly. You need to be very lucky in order to be logged in to the government website at exactly the same time as a cancellation appears.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in throughout the day searching for earlier driving test dates. We can easily search the Dumfries practical test centre over 3000 times each and every single day. In fact, we can search to 5 test centres for you. That would be a total of 15,000 searches each and every single day. Unlike all the other driving test cancellation companies, will not charge you any money upfront. Our fee of £30 is only due once you are totally happy with the time and the date of your driving test. If you would like us to search the Dumfries test centre on your behalf, you can do so, only requiring your driving licence number and your booking application reference number. We will not ask you for any credit card details or bank details. Furthermore we do not even require your address. Call  DTC UK to discuss your requirements for a driving test booking at Dumfries.

DTC - Dumfries
take right
Brooms Road
Roundabout ahead
Leafield Road
Roundabout ahead, End left
Annan Road
Take first right
St Marys Street
second Left.
Lovers Walk
also, Second Left
Nawall Terrace
First right
Catherine Street
first left, End Left again
Academy Street
Churcg Cresent
which becomes
Buccleuch Strre
which finally, become
Galloway Street
Take first Right.
Glasgow Street
Roundabout left
Lochfield Rd
second left
Ashfield Drive
also, Second left
Portland Drive
End Right.
Ashfield Drive
First Right
Summerville Avenue
roundabout right
Alexandra Drive
End Left.
Hardthorn Avenue
End Right
Hardthorne Road
Roundabout right.
Lochside Road
also, R/bout right
Glasgow Rd
R/bout left
R/bout right
Edinburgh Rd
R/bout Left.
Moffact Rd
R/bout ahead then left
Lockerbie Rd
first right
Ardwall Rd
End Left
Lockerbie Rd
R/bout ahead then left.
Cornwall Mount
R/bout right
Annan Rd
Leafield Rd
R/bout ahead then right
Brooms Road
Glebe Rd
Aldermanhill rd
End left
Brooms Rd
Finally, left
into Driving Test Centre.


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