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Cancellation Driving Tests Dumbarton – Residential Roads

Being relatively a small town compared to neighbouring Glasgow, the driving test from Dumbarton will incorporate many residential roads.  This will include roundabouts crossroads and various other junctions. These residential roads seem relatively easy. However, knowledge posher driving test and Dumbarton, you got your constant lookout for oncoming vehicles.

As soon as you see an oncoming vehicle, it is important that you first check the rearview mirror and then to ease off the accelerator. This will give you time to decide what course of action is required. If in doubt, slow down and be prepared to stop.

Earlier Driving Test Dumbarton – Dual Carriageways

High-speed ‘A’ roads such as the A82 dual carriageway is also likely to be included in the driving test. When joining on to his dual carriageway, is imperative that you increase your speed to match the speed of the vehicle is already on the main road. Under no circumstances must you force the drivers who are priory over you to slow down, swerve or to stop.

As you’re on the dual carriageway, you must maintain the left-hand position unless you’re overtaking. It is also important that you keep a two-second gap away from the driver and front.

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Address for Dumbarton Practical Driving Test Centre 

Dumbarton DTC,
Strathleven House (Suite A4),
Vale of Leven Industrial Estate,
G82 3PD.

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Test Centre Provides Tests For Cars Only


Nearby driving test centres to Dumbarton:

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Paisley driving test centre – Distance: 9.55 miles
Anniesland driving test centre – Distance: 10.78 miles
Shieldhall driving test centre – Distance: 11.44 miles
Dunoon driving test centre – Distance: 13.01 miles



Short Notice Driving Test Dumbarton – Pass Rate

Dumbarton is a relatively quiet driving test centre, with just under 200 driving tests being conducted monthly. It’s pass rate, averaged from 6 months worth of data, it’s 48.3%. This is calculated by averaging the individual monthly pass rate. For example in the month of June 2016, 168 driving tests were conducted here, from this number 84 of them passed. Giving the test centre a pass rate of exactly 50% for that month.

Yearly, the test centre conducts just over 2100 driving tests from which examiners pass around 1050.

Driving Test Cancellations Dumbarton

With many of the driving examiners working part-time, the waiting list for driving tests at the Dumbarton practical test centre is extremely high. The average learner driver waits over two months before they can take their driving test. This needs to be taken into consideration when applying for your driving test. However, you have booked your driving test at GOV.UK it is possible to change your driving test to an earlier date. Earlier driving test dates will appear and the government website for one of two reasons.

The first reason is if the driving examiner chooses to work extra hours. The second reason is if the learner driver who has a driving test at the Dumbarton test centre decides to cancel it. As you never know when this will occur, you will need the driving test cancellations regularly throughout the day.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

If you do not have the time to make these regular checks, DTC driving test cancellations may be able to help you. We are logged on to GOV.UK from 6 AM to 11.30 PM and every single day make over 3000 searches per day. We have a very high success rate of getting you a driving test cancellation at the Dumbarton driving test centre. Can usually find you an earlier driving test date within two weeks. To start searching for you, all we require is your driving licence number and your booking application reference number. We do not require payment until you’re satisfied with the new driving test date that we book for you. That will not even ask your bank details or your credit card details. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test date at the Dumbarton practical test centre.

Driving Test Centre - Dumabarton
take left
Station Road
Traffic Light, left
Glawgow Road
R/bout left
Townend Road
second Right
Meadow Road
firdt left
Poindfauld Terrace
End Right.
Bonhill Road
Roundabout Left
R/bout ahead
Wallace Street
take left
Lennox Street
End Left.
Wallace Street
Also, End Left
Castlegreen Street
Traffic lihhts Right
R/bout Right.
R/bout Ahead, lights ahead,2nd left
Dunritton Rd
Dumbuck Rd
End Left
Round Riding Road
Also, End Left
Bonhill Rd
Take left.
Station Road
finally, second left into
Driving Test Centre


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