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Earlier Driving Test Cumnock – Out of Town

Cumnock driving test centre is located on the outskirts of the town. Therefore, expect to deal with a wide variety of roads. Rule country driving and villages are accessed by the ‘A76’ and are part of the driving test. These country Lanes driving seems easy. However, and very challenging due to the high speeds combined with the sharp bends.

Short Notice Driving Test Cumnock – Rural Country Lanes

Many learner drivers fail at Cumnock driving test centre because they try and reach the speed limit. Remember, speed limits are limits and not targets to be reached. It is very important that you drive according to the road and traffic conditions. You must always drive at a speed at which you can easily stop within the distance you can see to be clear. Hence, if you can only see six car lengths in front, maximum it should be 30 mph.

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Address of Cumnock Practical Driving Test Centre 

Town Hall
Hall Terrace,
Ayrshire and Arran.
KA18 1BY.

View on Google Maps.

This test centre has no wheelchair access. However, special arrangement will be made for disabled candidates. The test centre has both Male and female.


Nearby driving test centres to Cumnock:

Ayr driving test centre – Distance: 13.47 miles
Irvine driving test centre – Distance: 17.94 miles
East Kilbride driving test centre – Distance: 22.26 miles
Hamilton driving test centre – Distance: 23.57 miles
Lanark driving test centre – Distance: 24.94 miles

Pass Rate at Cumnock Driving Test Centre

Cumnock driving test centre has an above average pass rate of 52%. In a 6 month period, the driving test centre conducted 505 driving tests, from this number examiners passed 266 candidates. However, the pass rate does vary from month to month, changing from 62% to as low as 47%.

Even though the pass rate is high, you must still show the examiner exceptional driving skills in order to pass. You must also pass each section of the driving test, for example, the manoeuvres and independent driving section.

Driving Test Cancellations Cumnock

As Cumnock is a busy and growing town, the demand the driving tests is high. In fact, average learner driver must wait nine weeks for a driving test appointment. At certain times of the year, the waiting time is increased to 3 months. If you have recently been unsuccessful at your driving test, it is imperative that you retake it at the earliest opportunity. It is very easy to get disheartened but delaying your driving test will mean that you will tend to forget a large chunk of the information that you have learnt. Therefore you will end up taking several lessons to get the required standard again.

Once your book your driving test at GOV.UK, you may search for driving test cancellations at Cumnock even if your test is three months away. Driving test cancellations at Cumnock will show up at GOV.UK if either a learner driver who has a booking, cancels it or alternatively if an examiner decides to work overtime. However, driving test cancellations at Cumnock are usually snapped up within a few minutes of them appearing.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC UK is continuously logged on to GOV.UK throughout the day searching for earlier driving test dates. As a matter of fact, we make a 3000 searches per day and the Cumnock practical test centre. We will normally find an earlier driving test date at Cumnock within two weeks. If your theory certificate is about to expire and you cannot see any date at all at GOV.UK, DTC driving test cancellations may still be able to assist you. Call now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test date and the Cumnock practical test centre.

Cumnock Driving Test Centre
Turn left
Car Road
Take the 3rd right
Forbes Avenue
End of the road, turn left
Nans Terrace
Take the 2nd left. End of the road, also left
Cairn Road
End of the road, turn right
Glasinock Street
Also, right
Industrial Estate Road
End of the road, turn left. Turn right. End of the road, right turn
Glasinock Road
Turn left
Holmburn Road
Right turn
Menzies Avenue
End of the road, take a left. Followed by a Left turn again
Lamont Crescent
End of the road, turn right
Blackfaulds Road
End of the road, take a left turn
Craigens Road
End of the road, also left
Loganhill Road
End of the road, also left
Glenmuir Road
End of the road, take a right turn
Muirkirk Road A70
Take the 2nd left
Rigg Road
Take the 2nd right
Country Road single track
End of the road, left turn
Country Road two lanes
Turn right
Barbieston Road
End of the road, also right
Church Street
End of the road, take a left turn
Sorn Road
At the roundabout, turn right
Mauchline Road B7083
At the roundabout, take a left turn
At the roundabout, also left
Ayr Road A70
At the roundabout, straight ahead
Ayr Road
End of the road, turn right
Glaisnock Street
Finally, right turn into
Hall Terrace- Cumnock Driving Test Centre


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