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Earlier Driving Test Clacton – Town Roads

The driving test centre itself is located on town roads. Therefore, you should expect various and challenging traffic conditions such as roundabouts of all shapes and sizes, both open and closed junctions and crossroads. There are a few junctions, including crossroad, on the Clacton driving test route which are unmarked. Observations during the driving test, is, therefore, very important.

Short Notice Driving Test Clacton – High-Speed Roads

High-speed a roads such as the A133 dual carriageway is possible on the driving test as are country lanes.

The driving test in fact and will last approximately 40 to 45 minutes. During this time you will be expected to do 20 minutes of independent driving, one reversing exercise and possibly the emergency stop.

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Address for Clacton Practical Driving Test Centre

Clacton DTC,
103 – 105 Carnarvon Road.
CO15 6PR.

View on Google Maps.

Clacton driving test centre is located in a large shared building. However, it is accessible by the stairs and a lift. Also, both male and female toilet facilities are available.  Unfortunately, there is no car parking facility this driving test centre. Therefore, please legally the public road. Clacton driving test centre provides testing for cars only.

Driving Test Centres Closest to Clacton on Sea DTC:

Colchester Practical Test Centre – Distance: 11.07 miles
Ipswich Practical Test Centre – Distance: 16.46 miles
Southend on Sea Practical Test Centre – Distance: 25.55 miles
Chelmsford Hoffmans Way Practical Test Centre – Distance: 29.2 miles
Herne Bay Practical Test Centre – Distance: 29.84 miles

Pass Rate at Clacton Driving Test Centre

Clacton as a below average driving test pass rate, it calculated to be at around 43%. This percentage is worked out from 6 months of data, showing the number of tests conducted compared to the number of passes. It showed that 2232 driving tests were conducted, out of which 977 of them passed.

Although the pass rate is low, this is irrelevant if you are confident when driving and can perform well for the entire duration of the test.

Driving Test Cancellations Clacton

Clacton on Sea practical test centre is a busy centre which is struggling to cope with the ever-growing demand for driving tests in the area. Everything learner has to wait approximately nine weeks for a driving test appointment. This should be taken into consideration when applying for your driving test. If you have recently taken and failed your driving test on something small, you may find disappointing having to wait over two months for another appointment.

Earlier driving tests at Clacton on Sea do occasionally show up on the government website but these are usually snapped up extremely quickly. Driving test cancellations will show up for one of two reasons. Firstly, a learner driver needs to cancel their appointment before it is released back to the public. Secondly, a driving examiner may decide to work overtime. As you will never know when one of these will happen, you will need to be constantly checking throughout the day. A lot of time and effort.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in to GOV.UK throughout the day. As a matter of fact, we can make over 3000 checks for a driving test cancellations at Clacton on Sea practical test centre. When a cancellation appears at Clacton it is usually snapped up within a minute or two. Due to this reason, if we pursue a driving test cancellation at Clacton, we will automatically book it for you. We then ask you to confirm that the date is suitable. If some reason, the earlier driving test appointment not to you or your instructor, it’s not a problem. We will simply search again and finding another driving test date for you. Payment for our service will only be requested once you are totally happy with the newly booked a driving test date. Why not contact DTC UK to discuss your requirements for a driving test cancellation at Clacton on Sea.

Clacton Driving Test Centre/ Wellesley Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Left
Pier Avenue
Take a Right
Rosemary Avenue
Also, Left
Ellis Road
Turn Right
West Avenue
Take a Left.
Old road
Arnold Road
Take a Left
Wash Lane
Also, Left
Collingwood Road
Turn Right
Marine Parade West
West Road
Take a Right
Queens Road
Also, Right
Kings Road
Turn Left
Wash Lane
Take a Left again
Arnold Road
Another Left
Park Road
Also, Left
Anchor Road
Turn Right
Alton Park Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Left
St. Osyth Road
At the Traffic lights, Straight ahead.
Cloes Lane
Straight ahead at 1st and 2nd Roundabout. Turn Left at 3rd Roundabout
St. Johns Road
Turn Right
Little Clacton Road
1st Roundabout, Straight Ahead. Left at Second Roundabout
Straight Ahead at both Roundabouts
St Johns Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Left
Valley Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Oxford Road
Turn Right
Severn Road
Take a Left Turn
Berkeley Road
Also, Left.
Wellesley Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right. Immediately Left
Alexandra Road
Turn Left
Hayes Road
Another Left
Carnarvon Road
Finally, Left Turn into
Clacton Driving Test Centre.


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