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There are two practical driving test centres in Carlisle. The first is the cars taxis and motorcycles. The second driving test centre is the larger goods vehicles. Make sure that you arrive at the correct driving test centre, you would miss your appointment and lose your test fee.

Short Notice Driving Test Carlisle – Complicated Roundabouts

During the driving test from Carlisle, expect a deal with complicated roundabouts. This will range from small mini-roundabouts to large multilane traffic light control roundabouts. Many learner drivers in Carlisle fail their driving test on the smaller mini roundabouts. This is probably because of the focus on the larger ones.

Remember the basic rules mini roundabouts and you should not have a problem. Rule number one is that you around the mini roundabout and not over it. Rule number two on mini roundabouts is you must slow down on approach to the roundabout and plan to stop. However, at the same time, you must be prepared to go. Stopping at each and every roundabout, the necessary, can get you failed for hesitation.

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Address for Carlisle Practical Driving Test Centre 

Carlisle DTC,
Port Road Business Park
Port Road

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There is a Ramp for access to the test centre for wheelchair users. Both Male, female and disabled toilets are available. Car parking


Nearby driving test centres to Carlisle:

Dumfries driving test centre – Distance: 28.23 miles
Workington driving test centre – Distance: 30.57 miles
Hexham driving test centre – Distance: 34.03 miles
Hawick driving test centre – Distance: 38.01 miles
Castle Douglas driving test centre – Distance: 39.23 miles


Earlier Driving Test Carlisle – Pass Rate

Quite a few driving tests are conducted at Carlisle each month; around 270. However, the test centre has an extremely high pass rate, above the 90th percentile for the past rates in the country. Its pass rate can be calculated to be at 58.5%.

Although the pass rate is high, this does mean the examiner will always pass you, you must show an ability to drive very well, without making many mistakes.

Driving Test Cancellations Carlisle

Like most driving test centres within the UK, Carlisle has a waiting time of approximately two months for driving test appointments. The learner driver will need to take this into consideration when applying for their driving test. It is usually better to apply for your practical test earlier rather than later. If you were to apply for your driving test early and you do not reach the required standard, you simply change your driving test date to a later date. However, if you apply for your driving test when you are ready, is extremely difficult to find earlier dates.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC UK will monitor the government website for a driving test cancellations at Carlisle. In fact, we make over 3000 checks and every single day. As soon as somebody cancels a driving test appointment, we will be able to pick it up. If the appointment matches your requirements, will automatically book it for you. Once booked, will send you a text message with your new driving test details and at the same time ask you to confirm. All you need to do is to check that your driving instructor is available for that appointment before confirming it. If for some reason your instructor is not available, for DTC UK this is not a problem, we will simply start searching again. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test date at Carlisle.

Carlisle Driving Test Centre
Hillcrest Avenue
End of the road, turn right
London Road
At the traffic lights, take a left turn
St Nicholas Street
At the roundabout, turn right
Beconsfield Street
End of the road, Left
Currock Road
At the roundabout, straigth ahead
Blackwell Road
Take a left
Newbiggin Road
Take the 2nd left
Scalegate Road
2nd right turn
Lamb Street
End of the road, take a left turn
Upperby Road
Turn right
St Ninnians Road
Also, right
Lightfoot Drive
End of the road, take a left
Blundell Road
End of the road, turn right
London Road
Take a left turn
Mallyclose Drive
At the roundabout, turn right. 2nd roundabout, straight ahead. End of the road, turn right
Hopes Hill Drive
End of the road, take a left
Forrest Hill
End of the road, also left
Cumwhinton Road
End of the road, take a right
London Road
Finally, End of the road, take a right into
Hillcrest Avenue, Carlisle Driving Test Centre


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