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Earlier Driving Test Cardigan – Country Roads

Cardigan driving test centre is situated on many rule country roads. These roads seem very pretty. However, they can be very dangerous due to the high speeds combined with difficult bends. The country lanes around cardigan are not as well maintained as residential roads in the area. Therefore, you should expect to deal with hazards such as potholes and uneven road surface.

Short Notice Driving Test Cardigan – Potholes

As soon as you see a pothole, check review mirror, and safe go around the pothole. However, if someone close behind you, try slowing down so that you do not hit the pothole at high speed.

The uneven road surface can cause problems during and after rain. Due to lack of drainage on these roads, deal with large puddles and surface water. Once again, if it is safe, avoid the large puddles. If the large puddles cannot be avoided, go through very slowly, you never know what’s in the puddle.

During day 40-minute driving test from Cardigan, expect to do about 20 minutes of independent driving.  This may involve you following a satnav or following road signs to a set location. The test will also involve one reverse manoeuvre and the possibility of the emergency stop.

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Address for Cardigan Practical Driving Test Centre 

Crown Buildings,
Napier Street.
SA43 1ED

View on Google Maps.

There are male only toilets available at this test centre. Wheelchair access not available. However, special arranges will be made. Car parking available for test candidates, although is limited.


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Pass Rate at Cardigan Driving Test Centre

Relatively few driving tests are taken at Cardigan driving test on a monthly basis. On average, around 90 candidates take their driving test here monthly. Out of these 90, around 48 of them pass, which gives the test centre a pass rate of around 55%.

During a 6 months period from April to September in the year 2016, 557 driving tests were undertaken at Cardigan. From these, 308 of them passed their test. Giving a more accurate pass rate of 55.3%.

Driving Test Cancellations Cardigan

Cardigan practical test centre is struggling to keep up with the demand for driving tests. It currently has a waiting list for about nine weeks for driving test appointment. That is not to say that earlier driving test dates are not available. There are three ways in which a learner driver can find an earlier driving test date at the Cardigan test centre.

The first is simply to ask your driving instructor. Most driving instructors have learner drivers who have booked their driving tests but will not be prepared before that particular date. Rather than that learner cancelling their driving test, they will be able to change their driving test with yours.

However, if your driving instructor does not have any pupils who are willing to change their driving test, and search yourself on the official government website The DVSA does not charge any extra to change your driving test date. In fact, you can change your driving test date six times. The problem with using this method to change a driving test date is that cancellations very rarely appear. The driving test cancellation will only appear on the government website if a learner driver chooses to cancel their driving test appointment. You must be prepared to spend a long time searching and be very patient.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Finally, there is one more way of going driving test cancellations. That is to use the services of DTC UK. We can search Cardington driving test centre over 3000 times per day. We will search every single day until we find an earlier driving test date to suit your needs. We would normally aim to find your driving test cancellation within 10 working days. We are extremely confident with our service that we will not charge any upfront costs. You will only pay our fee once you are totally happy with the date and time of your new driving test date. Why not call DTC driving test cancellations for a friendly chat now.

Cardigan Driving Test Centre
Turn left
William Terrace
Also, left
Feidr Fair
Follow road to the right
Priory Lane
End of the road, turn right
Pendre / North Road
Take the 2nd left
Gwbert Road
Take the 2nd right
Cnwc Y Dintir
Turn left
Greenland Meadows
End of the road, take a right
Napier Street
End of the road, turn left
Follow the road to the left
Feidr Fair
Take the 2nd left
Finch Square
At the roundabout, right turn, 3rd exit
Priory Bridge
At the roundabout, turn left
Tenby Road
At the roundabout, straight ahead, 2nd exit
Grosvenor Hill
Right turn
Take 2nd left
Finch Square
At the roundabout, Turn Left
By-Pass A487
Take a Left
Aberystwyth Road
Take the 5th left
Napier Street
Finally, around right bend into
Cardigan Driving Test Centre


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