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Earlier Driving Test Cannock – Busy Town

Cannock driving test centre is located centre a busy town. Here you will find complicated roundabouts of all shapes and sizes. Also, expect to find open and close junctions, some of which may be unmarked. There are several residential roads. Here, drivers tend to feel relaxed on these residential roads. However, you need to stay alert as they can easily become challenging due to some of the roads being narrow with parked cars. On these types of roads always be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles

Short Notice Driving Test Cannock – Fast A Roads

High-speed ‘A’ roads such as A460 and the A34 are also likely to be part of the driving test. The driving examiner will be eagerly watching the learner driver as emerge onto these types of roads. It is vital that you pick up speed to match the speed of the traffic already on the main road. If you were to join such a road is 30 mph when the approaching traffic was doing 60 mph, it will be highly dangerous. Hence, result in the test being failed.

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Address for Cannock Practical Driving Test Centre 

Cannock DTC,                         

Cannock Community Fire Station,
Old Hednesford Road.
WS11 6LD.

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Male, female and disabled toilet available. Car parking available is also available, However, spaces are restricted. Cannock Driving Test Centre conducts testing for cars only.


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Stafford driving test centre – Distance: 9.41 miles
Wednesbury driving test centre – Distance: 9.54 miles
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Pass Rate at Cannock Driving Test Centre

Cannock is a relatively quite test centre, with only 110 driving tests being conducted each month. Out of those 110, usually, around 60 candidates pass, giving the test centre a pass rate of 53.5%. Which is more than 10% higher than the UK average. During a six month period, 706 driving tests were conducted here, and out of this 378 of them passed. Giving further data for the pass rate quoted above.

Although the pass rate is high, it does not mean the examiners are lenient or that they will still pass you if you make a mistake. You must still drive to the best of your ability and perform all aspects of the test well.

Driving Test Cancellations Cannock

The driving examiners at Cannock practical test centre only work part-time and this is one of the reasons why it is an extremely high waiting time for appointments. The candidates are required to wait up to 3 months for a driving test. If you are learning to drive and you intend to take a driving test at the Cannock practical test centre, it will certainly be advisable to take this into consideration when booking your driving test. It is far better to book a driving test earlier rather than later. If you were to book your test too early and you were not ready for it, it is not a problem. The driving test can easily be postponed to a later date. However, if it were the other way round and you were to book your driving test later rather than earlier. It will be extremely difficult to change your driving test to an earlier date.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Driving test Cancellations do occasionally appear at the Cannock practical test centre. The only time they will appear as if somebody that already has a driving test, decides to cancel it. This is very rare.

DTC driving test cancellations will search the Cannock practical test centre every 20 seconds throughout the day. Will search each and every single day until we find a driving test which will suit your needs. As with an earlier driving test date, will only have 15 minutes to complete the whole booking process. We will automatically book this date for you so that there is no risk of losing the date. Once we have the booking, who will send you a text message requesting you to confirm. If for some reason the cancellation driving test that we have found for you does not suit you, it’s not a problem. Simply reply back to our text message and we will restart our search for another cancellation date for you. However, if you are happy with the driving test cancellation date and you have checked with your driving instructor to make sure they are available, you simply make payment.

Cannock Driving Test Centre
Turn left
Ridings Park
Also, left
Phoenix Road
End road, take a left
Hawks Green Lane
Roundabout, turn right
Eastern Way
Roundabout, take a left
Hayes Way
R/bout, straight ahead. 2nd R/bout, turn left
Heath Way
End, road, turn right
Hayes Way
Roundabout, take a left
Heath Way
Roundabout, right turn
Lichfield Road
At the R/bout, 3rd exit. 2nd R/bout, turn left
Church Street
Roundabout, second exit
Ring Way
Roundabout, take a left
Park Road
At the Roundabout, third exit
New Penkridge Road
Take the 2nd right
Kilmorie Road
End, road, also right
New Penkridge Road
Left turn
Sandy Lane
At the crossroads, straight ahead
Hatton Road
End, road, turn left. Followed by right
Wellington Road
End, left turn
Wolverhampton Road
At the roundabout, 3rd exit
Longford Road
Take the 3rd left
Lilac Avenue
End, road, turn right
Hampton Street
End, road, also right
St Johns Road
Right turn
Laburmum Avenue
End of the road, take a left turn
Longford Road
Roundabout, take a left
Delta Way
At the roundabout, turn right
Walsall Road
Roundabout, left turn
Eastern Way
At the roundabout, straight ahead. 2nd roundabout, turn left
Hawks Green Lane
Turn right
Phoenix Road
End, road, also right
Ridings Park
Finally, take the 2nd right into
Cannock Driving Test Centre


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