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Earlier Driving Test Callander – Rural Roads

Hidden amongst the rural country lanes you will find Callander driving test centre. These roads seem pretty but can be very dangerous if not approached in the correct way.

Many of the rural roads around calendar have high national speed limits. This combined with sharp bends makes these roads very challenging, and just learner driver, but for any driver. Although the driving examiner expects you to make progress, at the same time you need to show caution where required.

The driving test route from Callandar will take you through small may have narrow and difficult areas. Therefore, it is important that you look ahead and plan to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Short Notice Driving Test Callander – Overview

Overall the driving test from Callandar will last approximately 40 minutes. During this time, you will be expected to carry out one reversing manoeuvre out of a possible four. The choice of manoeuvre will belong to the driving examiner. Also, during the 40 minutes’ drive, you will be expected to do 20 minutes of independent driving and possibly the emergency stop exercise.


Address for Callander Practical Driving Test Centre 

Callander DTC,
Burgh Chambers,
South Church Street,
Stirling and Falkirk,
FK17 8BN.

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There are two entrances to the Callander driving test centre. One is stepped and the other provides ramp access for wheelchair users. Toilets are available, both male, female. A disabled toilet is also available.

Test Centre Provides Tests For Car


Nearby driving test centres to Callander.

Stirling driving test centre – Distance: 13.97 miles
Crieff driving test centre – Distance: 16.62 miles
Bishopbriggs driving test centre – Distance: 22.1 miles
Dumbarton driving test centre – Distance: 23.53 miles
Grangemouth driving test centre – Distance: 24.37 miles


Pass Rate at Callander Driving Test Centre

Very few driving tests are conducted at Callander driving test centre, on average around 45 are taken each month. During a half a years period, 277 driving tests were conducted here. Out of which 131 candidates passed their test. From this, we can calculate its pass rate to be at 47.3%.

This is higher than the UK average of 42%, meaning you have a slightly higher chance of passing your driving test here compared to many other test centres in the UK.

Driving Test Cancellations Callander

If you have just started learning to drive and are planning to take a driving test at the Callander practical test centre, you should make sure that your book early due to the high waiting list. The average waiting list for driving test appointments test centre is approximately eight weeks. However, during certain times of the year, this can increase to over 10 weeks.

If you are fully prepared to take a test, you may be interested in searching for an earlier cancellation date. The driving test cancellations at the Callander practical test centre are extremely rare. There will only appear on the government website is someone who currently has a driving test booked, decide to cancel it. During the winter months, many tests at Callander are cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Therefore, if you overtake your driving test in the winter, it may be worth considering booking a driving test in the afternoon. This will allow for the weather to improve and therefore more likelihood that your driving test will be conducted. Even if the weather does not improve and practical tests are still cancelled, at least it will give the driving examiners the opportunity to contact you and make you aware of this.  If you’re unfortunate enough to have your test cancelled due to bad weather conditions, the DVSA will automatically rebook at the first available slot, which may be six weeks away.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Whatever your circumstances, DTC UK can assist you in getting earlier driving test date at the Callander practical test centre. We will search over 3000 times per day. We will continue to search each and every single day until we find you a driving test cancellation at Callander meets your requirements. If you have recently failed your driving test, a law you must wait 10 clear working days between tests. However, if your driving test has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions or the fault of the DVSA, you will be able to book your last-minute driving test within days. Why not call DTC driving test cancellations to discuss your requirements. As we do not charge any money upfront, you have nothing to lose except your current appointment.

Start at the Callander Driving Test Centre
At the end of road, turn left
Main Street / Leny Road
Fourth right
Leny Feus
End of road left
Leny Road
Second left.
Tulipan Crescent
End of road left
Leny Road
Turn right
Bridge Street / Bridgend
Roundabout left
A18 Glasgow Road
Turn right.
Lubnaig Road
Take a left
Katrine Crescent
End of road left
Mollands Road
Lubnaig Road
Roundabout right.
Bridge Street / Bridgend
Traffic lights, turn left
Main Street
Turn right
Streetation Road / Ancaster Road
End of road turn right
Bracklin Road
End of road left
Streetirling Road
Take the 5th left
Keltie Bridge
End of road right then end of road left
Streetirling Road
Lay by ahead, turn back to DTC, then left
Finally, arrive at the Callander Driving Test Centre


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