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Short Notice Driving Test Brodick – Rural Roads

Situated on the Isle of Arran is Brodick driving test centre which is surrounded by many rural country roads. These different roads will be used in the driving test. The learner driver needs to get plenty of practice so that they can develop the ability to be able to assess the speed at which to approach the bends safely.

High-speed “A” roads are also likely to feature in the driving test. The examiner will expect you to make progress if road and traffic conditions allow this. However, learner driver must take into account that they should be able to stop within the distance they can see to be clear.

Earlier Driving Test Brodick – Testing in the Winter

During the winter months many tests are cancelled and Brodick due to severe weather conditions. Although the main road may be clear, the examiners will need to take the learner driver onto the side roads in order to assess their ability at meeting oncoming vehicles, dealing with mini roundabouts and safely crossing the path of other vehicles. If there is any advice on the side roads the driving test will be cancelled. If you do need to book a driving test Brodick during the winter months, it will be advisable to book one after 10 AM. Way even if the driving test is cancelled, at least you will you will have a chance of contacting the test centre and you save yourself a wasted journey. It will also allow the temperature to increase and ice to melt. Therefore, there will be a greater chance of the test being conducted.

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Address for Brodick Practical Driving Test Centre

Royal Mail Delivery Office
Mayish Road
Ayrshire and Arran
KA27 8AU

Parking facilities are available Brodick driving test centre. However, spaces are limited. Therefore please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please note that male-only toilets are available.

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Pass Rate at Brodick Driving Test Centre

Relativity few driving tests are conducted at Brodick driving test centre. Monthly, only around 11 driving tests are taken here. Out of these, usually, 6 people pass their test. Giving the test centre a pass rate 57%. Which is much higher than almost all test centres.

However, this should be taken with a hint of salt, as the low sample size means that there is not enough data to accurately measure the pass rate.  So we cannot properly measure your chance of passing at this test centre.

Driving Test Cancellations Brodick

If you have recently taken and failed your driving test, then you want to rebook at the earliest. Unfortunately, waiting time for a driving at is about eight weeks. However, DTC UK can find your driving test cancellation at Brodick within two or three weeks. Even if your test has been cancelled and rescheduled by the DVSA, DTC UK can still help you.

Brodick Driving Test Centre
End right
Shore Road
first right
Alma Road
End left
Shore Road
second left
Knowe Road
End Right
Shore Rd
second left.
Alma Rd
Ahead to level section, then right
Hillview Rd
Left, right, End Right
Alma Rd
Ahead, then right
follow the road to Lamlash ( approx 3 Miles)
finally, back to car park of
Brodick Driving Test Centre


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