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Earlier Driving Test Bodmin – Town Driving

Bodmin driving test centre is situated in a busy part of town. Therefore a good knowledge is required of various road systems including roundabouts of all shapes and sizes. Marked and unmarked crossroads will also be found on the test route. It is therefore vital, initially watch all road signs and road markings.

Short Notice Driving Test Bodmin – Dual Carriageways

Dual carriageways such as the A30 are highly likely to be part of the driving test route. When merging onto a dual carriageway it is important to pick up speed to match that of the traffic already on the main road. It would be very dangerous to try to merge onto the dual carriageway, at, let’s say 30 mph if traffic on the main road was doing 70 mph.

Once on the dual carriageway, keep in the left-hand lane unless overtaking. If you need to overtake, must left-hand lane at the first safe opportunity.


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Address for Bodmin Practical Driving Test Centre

Bodmin DTC,
The Dragon Leisure Centre
Lostwithiel Road
PL31 1DE

To view this test centre on Google Maps, click here.

Car parking facilities are available at this centre. However, spaces are limited. There are a few steps to access Bodmin driving test centre. However, arrangements will be made if you have a disability. Unfortunately, male-only toilets are available at this test centre.

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Penzance driving test centre – Distance: 43.68 miles




Pass Rate at Bodmin Driving Test Centre

Bodmin driving test centre has a pass rate of 50%, which is slightly above the UK average. During a 6 months period from April 2016 to September 2016, the test centre undertook 2500 driving tests. From this number, 1240 people, fortunately, passed their driving test, which is where the statistic of 50% originates from.

However, even though the pass rate is above average, you must still drive with caution and respect for other road users in order to increase your chance of passing the driving test.

Driving Test Cancellations Bodmin

The average waiting time for a driving test at Bodmin practical test centre is approximately two months. The learner driver should take this into consideration when applying to book their driving test. All driving tests should be booked on the official government website If you were to use any of the sites to book your driving test, you will probably end up paying over the top for it.

If you are fully prepared to take your test or you have recently taken and failed your driving test, the waiting time may seem a bit disappointing. However, it is possible to get an earlier driving test date at Bodmin. The first best thing to do is to talk to your driving instructor. The instructor may have a pupil who has got a driving test coming up but is not fully prepared for it. You will then be able to change your driving test with that of the other pupil. However, if this can is not available to you, you can search for an earlier driving test date and Bodmin on the official government website.

You will require both your driving licence number and your booking application reference number in order to log in. You will need to make these searches several times first thing in the morning, and several times again during lunch and finally several times again in the evening. The reason for this, that driving test cancellation at Bodmin will only show up on the government website if somebody who has a driving test there decides to cancel. You never know when somebody is going to cancel, you will need to search continuously.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Unfortunately, this second option is not available to many learner drivers due to commitments such as work and college. DTC driving test cancellations have the solution. We are continuously logged in throughout the day on the official government website. We make searches and the Bodmin practical driving test centre or any other practical test centre in the UK. In fact, you make with 3000 searches per day. Call DTC UK to discuss your requirements now, or alternatively send us a text message.

Bodmin Driving Test Centre
turn left
Dennison Road
Straight on
Higher Bore street
Also, straight on
Town End
Straight on at mini roundabout
Westheath Avenue
Right at mini roundabout
Boundry Road
End Right
Dunmere Road
First left.
Midway Avenue
End Left
Dunmere Road
R/bout ahead, then R/bout right, then ahhead
Westheath Avenue
first left
Corporation Road
End Right
St Marys Ave
second left
Trwlawney Road
turns into
Burden Close
End Right.
Trelawney Rd
also, end right
St Marys Road
first Right
Rock lane
End Right
Barn Lane
take third left
Crinicks Hill
End of Road, turn left
Staint Nicholas Street
straight ahead
Turf Street
also, straight ahead
Priory Road
take second left
Launceston Rd
Helland slip road
End Right
Helland Right
End Left
Old Callywith Rd
End right
Launceston RD
also, End right
Prior Rd
mini Roundabout, take second exit
Dennison Road
Finally, turn left into
Bodmin DTC


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