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Top Three funniest reasons for failing your driving test

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Top Three funniest reasons for Failing your Driving Test

We all have our stories about the practical driving test. It may only be 40 minutes but for some learner drivers, it may seem never-ending.  The team to DTC driving test services has compiled a small list of what they believe some of the classic driving test failures.

The Long Wait

At a driving test at the Hayes driving test centre in the summer of 2017. I’ve driven abroad in several countries but just needed to get the UK driving licence. Within minutes of the start of the test, the examiner saw how confident and experienced I was. We started talking about football and I knew there was gonna pass the driving test. After about half an hour into the driving test, we are stuck in a long queue of traffic.

Without reason, the conversation came to a sudden end. I looked down towards the examiner’s paperwork and saw a clean sheet. I have made no mistakes. We were stuck in the traffic for about 3 to 4 minutes and the silence was getting to me. I turned around towards the driving examiner and said it was strange that there was so much traffic at this time of the day. The examiner and stared at me into my eyes and said, “there is no traffic you have just stopped behind his parked cars for no reason.” I then realised that I had just FAILED my driving test. I did not know whether to cry or to stop laughing at my stupid mistake. – Andrew

Friends Made Me Fail

Of the driving test tips to help learners pass the driving test is not to tell too many people. The more people that are aware of your driving test the more pressure the learners seem to have. Sarah took her driving test just before Christmas at Uxbridge driving test centre. She told several of her friends. On the day of her practical driving test, she was nervous but had a good examiner who made a feel relaxed. She proceeded to the first set of traffic lights which is less than a minute from the driving test centre. Her friends jumped out the corner and started waving at her. They all should, “Good Luck Sarah.” Unfortunately, Sarah panicked and nearly went through the red lights. The driving examiner had to apply the dual brakes.

The Pedestrian

I took my driving test at the Slough driving test centre. I had taken almost 60 hours of driving lessons. I had also driven my parent’s car daily for over 6 months. I was confident and prepared for everything. Emergency vehicles, horses, rain, high winds, nothing was going to make me fail. I nearly did the whole driving test and had made no mistakes. I remember my driving instructor saying that only 1 in every thousand learners passes with zero minors. I turned left into the test centre road and all I had to do was park up on the left and would have passed my test. Well, I saw this attractive lady and turned my head around only for a few seconds. Suddenly, there was a bang!! I had hit the kerb. Failed in the last 2 seconds. –

DTC Driving Test Services

If you have recently failed a practical driving test you should aim to rebook one as soon as possible. The average waiting time for a driving test across the UK is two months. Having to wait months for a driving test date means that you risk forgetting some of the things that you have learnt. This is of unless you take continues driving lessons which can work out extremely expensive.

DTC UK can guarantee an earlier driving test booking at a local test centre to you within two weeks for is totally free. Within the London area we have emergency driving instructors available to provide you with semi-intensive courses and car hire for the driving test.