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Learning to Drive in Tottenham

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Learning to Drive in Tottenham

Learning to drive in Tottenham is a big decision. There are many independent driving instructors and national schools which operatee in the area. However, before choosing a driving instructor, the learner needs to have a valid provisional licence. Once the learner has a valid provisional, the theory test may be booked. Some learner drivers prefer to pass the theory test before starting the practical lessons. However, most learners in Tottenham take driving lessons at the same time as studying for the theory test.

Automatic or Manual Driving Lessons

The learner drivers need to decide whether they want to take manual or automatic driving lessons. The majority of people in the Tottenham area learn to drive in a manual car. Manual cars have a clutch, brake and accelerator. You change gears yourself using the clutch pedal and gear lever. 

An automatic car only has two-foot pedals that are operated with the right foot. It’s totally up to you what type of car you choose.  However, you must be aware that if you pass the practical driving test in an automatic car you will only be licensed to drive automatics. If you pass in a manual you can legally drive both.

Learning with Friends and Family

Although most learner drivers in Tottenham learn from a driving school, this is not compulsory. You have the option to drive with anyone provided they have had a UK or EU license for at least 3 years and they are at least 21 years old. It is the learners’ responsibility to ensure that the car is insured for them to drive as a “Learner.” It is usually good practice to start learning in an empty car park!

How to find Driving Instructor in Tottenham

Find an instructor that is fully qualified. Many driving schools use trainees in order to keep cost down. By law, a qualified instructor must display a Green Badge in the windscreen of their tuition vehicle. A trainee instructor will display a Pink Badge. Speak to any friends, colleagues and relatives that have already passed their driving test and ask them about their driving instructor. Once you have a few instructors, check their review on Google, Yell, etc

DTC Fast Track Driving Service

If you have recently failed a driving test or are just in a hurry to get your license, DTC UK can guarantee you an earlier driving test within 2 weeks. Dual control car rental with emergency driving instructors always available at short notice.

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