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What is the easiest country in the world for a driving test

what is the easiest country in the world for a driving test

The two easiest places in the word to take a practical driving test is in Pakistan and Mexico City which is densely populated with more than four million cars on its roads. Given this method of regulating drivers, a driving test is required before issuing a licence for testing. Before the driving test is required, the applicant must sign a document granting the licence. A driver’s license for 1,000 pesos (less than £5). Perhaps it is this unqualified self-validation of drivers that has led to 16,714 deaths on Mexico’s roads since 2010. To pass the driving test you need to prove that you can read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 m, you have to turn right and drive on a short lane marked with a cone, then turn left again. That’s it, you have your licence!

To obtain a driving licence in Pakistan requires a theory test and a shorter practical test. Both can be taken on the same day. Before the examination, at least a number of driving lessons must be completed, and the driving licence must be obtained.b Alternatively, you can simply barbie the examiner and bypass the system. 

India has the second easiest driving test in the world. You need to pass a theory and a practical driving test, during in and out of cones and do some simple reversing. However, could tell how easy it is to pass the driving test if you decide to take it in India. You don’t even have to appear in an to take a driving test. If you really want to pass the test in India, you don’t have to stop every 50 metres, turn left or drive straight ahead. Instead, you can pay 500 – 1000 rupees ( less than £10) and you can get your licence delivered to your door!

South Korea has made it considerably easier to obtain a driving licence by reducing the number of hours of training required from 25 to 13. It is said that this is done in the interests of public convenience, and it is as simple as that. South Koreans can also now purchase a license that includes only a few hours of training and no additional fees. 

In the meantime, China has tightened its rules on obtaining a driving licence, requiring applicants to complete 78 hours of lessons and at least one hour of driving training a week. As a result, the number of Chinese taking the driving test in South Korea has risen dramatically, from 7,064 in 2010 to 24,687 in 2013. A good Chinese driver can buy a South Korean license for a profit and exchange it the day before returning to his home country. China has one of the strictest licensing systems in the world.

Driving tests vary greatly from country to country and I suspect we will never see a point where driving tests are homogenised across countries or continents. But there are countries where driving tests are easy to pass. However, the driving test in the UK can be a mission if you end up with the wrong driving school. Many driving schools in the UK will expect you to take over 10 hours even if you are totally ready for your test. If you don’t they simply refuse you use of their car. The alternative is to hire a dual control car from us complete with an instructor. We even guarantee you a driving test within a week. You must have passed your theory test before booking a practical test. You can book a theory test on the government website.


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