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Learner Driver Loses Test Due to a Pothole

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Learner Driver Loses Test Due to a Pothole

James Manson had just completed a four-month driving course with his parents in Southall. He felt well-prepared and was eagerly looking towards doing his driving test. Unfortunately, during the day of the driving test, James hit a pothole which caused damage to the front tyre.

Space saver tyres

James was driving a brand-new car which had a space saver tyre in the boot. His dad changed the tyre and proceeded to the Southall driving test centre. Unfortunately, James and his dad have turned away from the driving test centre. They were told that although space saver tyres are legal, they are not accepted for the purpose of the driving test. Saver tyres are meant to be used on a temporary basis. Although there is no maximum distance, they are restricted to 50 mph. As a Southall driving test route can go along the A40 dual carriageway (70 MPH) space saver tyres cannot be allowed.

Compensation for Pothole Damage

The number of compensation claims for pothole damage has reached an all-time high. Claims due to pothole damage on motorways and dual carriageways have doubled with over 1000 planes made during the 2017/2018. The amount of money paid out to drivers during this time was £311 million. A spokesperson for highways England said: “Since 2015 we have resurfaced over 3000 miles of our network and plan to resurface a further 1000 miles during this financial year.”

DTC Driving Test Services

DTC UK recommends that you take driving lessons from a qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Taking driving lessons from family members and friends is advisable but should be in addition to the driving lessons and not a replacement. DTC UK offers an emergency controlled car hire service for the purpose of taking a driving test. We cover all London driving test centres and the surrounding areas and only require 48 hours’ notice. Short notice driving tests can also be booked within a two-week period. Improve your chances of passing your driving test further by visiting the DTC Youtube Channel.

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