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Since 1987 We have provided over 4500 Last Minute Intensive Driving Courses

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Do you need to pass your driving test ASAP? Does your job depend on It? Do you children depend on it? Well, There is no worry as DTC Intensive Driving Courses Windsor can help you. 

Intensive Driving Courses Windsor

Whether you need your driving license to drop your kids to children to school, start college or a new job, DTC can help. If you have already found a driving test at Windsor or anywhere else for that matter. DTC can arrange a last minute intensive driving Course in the Windsor area. 

Intensive Driving Lessons Windsor

Our instructors are all fully qualified with knowledge of the driving test routes for around the Windsor area and all other Leicester centers. DTC Driving instructors recognize learning to drive can be stressful so are patient, reliable and understanding.  Although there are no guarantees, we aim to teach you to a high standard and help you pass on the first attempt.

Intensive Driving Lessons Windsor

You can choose from either a 9 or 14 -hour driving course. During your crash course not only will you be learning to drive, but you will learn the driving test routes for Windsor driving test center.

Intensive Driving Courses Windsor

If you live in Windsor, your driving test would normally be booked in or around the Windsor area. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in the Windsor area.

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages such as

The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Windsor.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used.

Below are the addresses of the local test centers nearby – 

Slough Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Driving Test Centre Slough, 12 Waterside Drive,

Earlier driving test dates available at Slough Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

You can access this test center if you use a wheelchair.

Chertsey Practical Test Centre (London)

Unit 4, The Forum, Hanworth Lane,
KT16 9JX

Car hires for driving tests available at Chertsey London

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

You can access this test center if you use a wheelchair.

Uxbridge Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Unit 7, Trade City Business Park, off Cowley Mill Road,

Uxbridge Intensive Courses

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 1 (off-road), motorcycle module 2 (on-road).

Guildford Practical Driving Test Center

Slyfield Industrial Estate, off Moorfield Road,

last minute driving instructor in guildford

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, lorry and bus, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

You can access this test center if you use a wheelchair.

Windsor Castle is the Royal Palace in Windsor, Berkshire, England. It is closely associated with the British Crown, both British, and later, and it is a representation of nearly a millennia of architectural history. The original castle was built in the 11th century following the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror. Since Henry I (reigned 11100-1135), it has been used by reigning monarchs, making it the longest-occupied palace in Europe.

The luxurious early-19th-century state apartments in the castle were described by the early-20th-century art historian Hugh Roberts as a “superb, unparalleled series of rooms, universally considered to be the finest, most comprehensive manifestation of Georgian taste since”. Within the castle walls is St. Georges Chapel, dating from the 15th century, considered by the historian John Martin Robinson “one of the supreme achievements of Perpendicular Gothic” English design.

Originally designed to defend Norman domination over the periphery of London, and oversee the strategically important portion of the Thames, Windsor Castle was built like a motte-and-bailey, with three wings surrounding the central mound. Gradually replaced by masonry fortifications, the castle survived an extended siege in the early 13th century during the First Barons War. Henry III built an extravagant royal palace inside the castle in the mid-century, while Edward III went even further, re-building the palace into a more magnificent series of buildings, which was to become “the most costly secular construction project in all of medieval Britain”. Windsor Castle survived the turbulent English Civil War, where it was used by Parliamentary forces as their military headquarters, and was also used as Charles Is prison.

Upon re-establishing the monarchy in 1660, Charles II rebuilt most of Windsor Castle, using architect Hugh Maw, creating an extravagant array of baroque interiors. After a period of neglect in the 18th century, George III and George IV renovated and rebuilt Charles IIs palace at great expense, producing the present-day state apartments, filled with rococo, Gothic, and Baroque furnishings. Queen Victoria made a few small changes to the castle, which became a centre of royal entertainment during most of her reign. Windsor Castle was used by the Royal Family as shelter during the Second World War Luftwaffe bombing campaign, and survived the 1992 fire. It is a popular tourist attraction, the site for hosting state visits, and has been Queen Elizabeth IIs primary residence since 2011.


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