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The average waiting time for a driving test appointment in and around the Bradford area is well over 2 months. This is fine if you are still learning to drive as most driving instructors would advise booking before you’re actually ready. However, the huge waiting time can be problematic if you have recently failed a driving test. Luckily, DTC Intensive Driving Courses Bradford has the solution.

Intensive Driving Courses Pudsey, Bradford

With a last-minute semi-intensive driving course from DTC, you can be on the road this time next week. That’s correct. DTC Intensive Driving Courses will not only arrange a short semi-intensive crash course but will also book you a driving test. We can get you a driving test within weeks in or around Bradford. You will be taught on a one to one basis in fully dual controlled and insured cars. All of the driving instructors are approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). During your crash course not only will you be learning to drive, but you will learn the driving routes for the driving tests around the Bradford area.

Last Minute Driving Instructor Pudsey, Bradford

DTC Last Minute Driving Instructor Bradford aims to get international drivers and learners who have recently failed get their license asap. Unfortunately, currently, we do not cater to the complete beginner.

Below are the local test centers near the Pudsey, Bradford area –

Bradford Practical Driving Test Center (Thornbury)

The Courtyard, Midpoint, Thornbury,



Short notice driving tests available at Thornbury Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 2 (on-road), ADI part 3.

Horsforth Practical Driving Test Center

Room 013 Woodside House, 261 Low Lane, Horsforth,
LS18 5NY

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 2 (on-road), ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

You can access this test centre if you use a wheelchair.

Bradford Practical Driving Test Center (Heaton)

15 Farfield Street, Heaton,

Last-minute driving tests available at Heaton Driving Test Centre

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This test centre provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

DVSA will make arrangements for you at this test centre if you have a disability.

Heckmondwike Practical Driving Test Center

Tower Buildings, High Street,
WF16 0AS

Earlier driving test dates available at Heckmondwike Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

You can access this test centre if you use a wheelchair.

Pudsey is a market town within Leeds city district, in the English region of West Yorkshire. It lies halfway between the city centres of Bradford and Leeds. Historically, it was located within the West Riding of Yorkshire, with a population of 22,408 people. The place-name of Pudsey was first recorded as Podechesai(e) in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Its etymology is fairly iffy: it seems likely that it is from a supposed personal name*Pudoc, with the word eg meaning island, but presumably metaphorically referring here to a small island in moorland with good land. The name would therefore have meant the Island of Pudoc.

However, there were also some suggestions of other possibilities.

In the early 6th century, the region was part of the kingdom of Ealmet, which appears to have retained a Celtic character for possibly up to two centuries after the rest of its neighboring kingdoms adopted an Anglese cultural identity. Around 1775, a cache of 100 silver Roman coins, several dating from before the reign of Julius Caesar, was found on the common at Pudsey, to the north of the town, in an area traditionally known as the “Camp of King Alfred”. The town was known during the 18th and 19th centuries for its wool production, and, since the 19th century, cricket.

Yorkshire and England cricketers Sir Len Hutton, Herbert Sutcliffe, Ray Illingworth, and Matthew Hoggard learned the game at Pudsey. One of the nineteenth-century Yorkshire cricketers, John Tunnicliffe, was born in Lowtown. During the industrial revolution, Pudsey was one of the most heavily polluted areas in Britain, because of its location on the small valley between the two industrial cities of Leeds and Bradford.

As a result, no matter which way the wind blows, Pudsey is covered with a thick layer of soot. The thermal inversion created by the valley caused soot to get trapped, leading to thick smoke. This is thought to have led to the quip that pigeons at Pudsey Park flew backwards in order to get soot out of their eyes.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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