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Since 1987 We have provided over 4500 Last Minute Intensive Driving Courses

Last Minute Fast Track Intensive Driving Courses Hathern, Leicester
High Pass Rate Driving Instructor Hathern, Leicester
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No Car Sharing Intensive Driving Courses Hathern, Leicester
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Practical Driving Test Centre Hathern, Leicester

Are you looking to pass your driving test ASAP? Well, you can with the help of DTC Intensive Driving Courses Hathern.

Intensive Driving Courses Hathern, Leicester

If you have recently failed a practical test or are an international driver, don’t waste your time with regular driving schools. Taking one or two lessons per week is a great way of learning to drive from the beginning as it gives you experience in dealing with different hazards at different times of the day. However, if you are prepared for your practical test, don’t delay. Delaying this can cost you a test!

Intensive Driving Lessons Hathern, Leicester

Most people who fail their first driving test usually fail in their second as well. The main reason is the waiting time for driving test appointments in or around Guilford is 3 months. If you have to wait 3 months between tests, you are likely to forget vital information, unless to take non stop regular lessons.

One Week Pass Hathern, Leicester

When you book with DTC,  we will take care of everything for you. We book you an emergency driving test in or around Hathern or at the nearest test center and arrange your crash course.  The 9 or 14 -hour driving crash course can be taken over 2 or 3 days.

Intensive Driving Courses Hathern, Leicester

If you live in Hathern your driving test would normally be booked in or around the Hathern area. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in or around that area.

Last Minute Driving School Hathern, Leicester

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages around Hathern. The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Hathern.  However, there are other practical test centers in the area with may be used.

Loughborough Practical Driving Test Center

Ark Business Centre, Gordon Road,
LE11 1JP

Quick driving tests available at Loughborough Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car.

Nottingham Practical Driving Test Center (Chilwell)

Unit 24, Eldon Business Park, Eldon Road,

Last-minute driving tests available at Chilwell Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

Derby Practical Driving Test Center (Alvaston)

Off Belmore Way, Alvaston,
DE21 7AY

Quick driving tests available at Derby Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 2, ADI part 3.

Watnall Practical Driving Test Center

Driving Test Centre Watnall LGV, Main Road,
NG16 1JF

Earlier driving test dates available at Watnall Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, lorry and bus.

DVSA will make arrangements for you at this test centre if you have a disability.

Hathern is a village and civic parish in Charnwood District, Leicestershire, England. The village itself is located to the north of the borough, and is immediately north of Loughborough. It is served by the A6 motorway. The parish has a population of around 1800.

Nearby places are Dishley, Long Whatton, and Zouch, across the border in Nottinghamshire. Residents in these villages have, over recent years, been campaigning for a green “wedge” that divides Loughborough, Shepshed, and Hathern to not be built over. The village is the site of the Swift Socks factory, one of the few remaining independent stocking-makers in Britain.

John Heathcoat (1783-1861), an inventor and industrialist, ran a textile factory at Hathern (where, in 1808-9, he invented a machine to make nets from thread, in a similar fashion to the hexagonal lace), then moved his operation first to Loughborough, then later to Tiverton, Devon. A settlement may have existed here during the Saxon period, but the earliest written record is from Domesday Book, where it is called Avederne, Old English for Hawthorn. The prominent feature of the centre of the village is Hathern Cross, dating to the 14th century. Like most villages in this part of the country, agriculture and weaving of framework are major sources of employment.

The parish church dates mostly from the 14th century, though there was likely to have been a religious place of worship at this location at an earlier time. An ancient font, one of the oldest in the borough, is used regularly at baptisms.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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