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This average waiting time for a driving test appointment in or around the Brentford area is over two months. This is not only disappointing but can be problematic for anyone who has recently failed a driving test. The huge waiting time for a driving in the Brentford area can also cause problems for international drivers who do not need to take months of unnecessary driving lessons.

Intensive Driving Courses Brentford

However, there is no need to stress. With a last-minute semi-intensive driving course from DTC, you can be on the road this time next week. That’s correct. DTC Intensive Driving Courses will not only arrange a short semi-intensive crash course but will also book you a driving test. 

Intensive Driving Lessons Brentford

This fast-track course consists of familiarizing the Brentford driving test routes, brushing up on the manoeuvres and is full of last minute driving test tips.  The 9 or 14-hour driving crash course can be taken over 1, 2 or 3 days.

Last Minute Driving School Brentford

Please bear in mind that Last minute driving school Brentford is designed for learners who have recently failed a practical driving test, international drivers and those who are almost up to test standard.

Intensive Driving Courses Brentford

If you live in or around the Brentford area, your driving test would normally be booked in or around that area too. Your last minute intensive driving course would also be conducted in or around Brentford.

One Week Pass Brentford, London

However, please note that driving examiners may take you to the surrounding towns and villages. The first choice for your last minute intensive driving course would be Brentford. However, there are other practical test center’s in the area with may be used.

Below are the addresses of the nearby driving test centers –

Isleworth Practical Driving Test Center (Fleming Way)

The Wireless Factory, Fleming Way,

Fast track practical driving tests availavle at Isleworth Driving Test Centre

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

You cannot access this test center if you use a wheelchair.

Greenford Practical Driving Test Center (London)

96 Horsenden Lane North,

Last minute driving instructor available at Greenford, London

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, ADI part 3.

Southall Practical Driving Test Center (London)

295 Allenby Road,

Intensive Driving Courses Southall

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car.

Yeading Practical Driving Test Center (London)

Cygnet Way, Willow Tree Lane,

Intensive Driving Courses

View on Google Maps

This test center provides these types of tests: car, lorry and bus.

Brentford is a commuter town in west London, England, which is part of Londons Hounslow Borough. It lies at the confluence of the Brent River and Thames, eight miles (13 km) west of Charing Cross.

Its economy has diverse corporate HQ buildings, marking the beginning of the M4 corridor; transport-wise, it also has two railway stations, with the Metro station at Boston Manor, at its north-western boundary with Hanwell. Brentford has a network of convenient shopping and eating establishments at its heart. Brentford in the early twenty-first century has been drawing redevelopment to its lightly used storage sites and wharves, including the redesigning of the riverfront to allow for more economically vibrant shops, terraced houses, and flats, some comprising the Brentford Quay. A 19th- and 20th-century mixed social housing and private residential area: New Brentford is adjacent to Osterley, the neighbourhoods of Isleworth and Syon Park, and the Great Western Road, where the majority of large commercial premises are located.

The settlement dates from before the Roman occupation of Britain, thus before the foundation of neighbouring London. Many pre-Roman artefacts have been excavated at Brentford, in and around an area known as Old England. Bronze Age pottery and charred flint were found at individual sites in Brentford. The quality and quantity of the finds suggests Brentford was the meeting place for Pre-Roman tribes.

One famous Iron Age item, dating to around 100 BCE-50 CE, is Brentfords Horned Cap–a ceremonial wagon fitting, which was part of the collections of the local antiquarian Thomas Leatons, which is now held at the Museum of London. The Celtic knotwork pattern (the Brentford Knot) on this item has been copied to be used in contemporary jewellery.

Brentford Dock Lock Gates & Justin Close Brentford Dock is a pond off the River Thames, surrounded by modern housing. The former GWR station at Brentford, looking eastwards onto Brentford High Street. The station, which was part of a branch line running from Southall to Brentford Docks, was left. The passenger station and the Southall services were closed in May 1942, but though Brentford Docks was closed in 1964, Good trains ran into Brentford Town Goods until December 1970.

The Thames and Brent river junction in Brentford. The picture was taken from a newly developed marina in Brentford. In the foreground is the Brent River, while the background is the River Thames, with Kew Gardens Car Park. Brentford is the first place along the river Thames in a tidal section that is easy to cross on foot (this was before dredging took place).

Partly because of this, Julius Caesar is suggested to have crossed the River Thames here in 54 BC, with a monument in Brentford outside County Court suggesting a battle took place there during that period between Caesars forces and Cassivellaunus. In his own account, Caesar wrote of crossing the river at 80 miles (130 km) from the sea, and Brentford is this distance from the beach where his supposed landing took place. He also states that the banks of the river were protected by a series of pointed sandbars.

During construction of Brentford Dock, several of these oak stakes were discovered. Dredging of the river found many more, and these had to be removed, as a danger to navigation.

Although Caesars description is convincing, there is no archaeological evidence to suggest this was where he and his troops had to struggle for the crossing. It should also be kept in mind that the accounts Julius Caesar himself gave are somewhat compromised by his embellishment of facts.


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