Get Your Eyes Checked

Tip of the Day ( NEW TIP DAILY) – Get Your Eyes Checked!


Driving Test Tips - Get Your Eyes Checked
Get your eyesight check a week before your driving test. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

At the start of the driving test, you will have to read a number plate at a distance of 20 meters. If you can not read the number plate, the driving examiner will allow you a second chance. If you cannot read it the second time the examiner will get a tape measure and measure the exact distance before asking you to read it again. However, this time they will ask you to write the answer so that there can be no arguments later.

Failure to reading the number plate correctly the third time will result in the whole test being failed. Furthermore, your provisional licence will be cancelled until you pass an eyesight test at “The Driving Test Centre”

If you have any doubt about your eyesight, get them checked. You may wear glasses to read the number plate. May we will your success on your driving test. The Team at DTC Driving Test Cancellations and DTC Driving Test Car Hire. Last Minute Driving Test Guaranteed within 2 weeks or its Free.