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Automatic and Manual Car Hire for Driving Test Borehamwood
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Borehamwood Driving Test Centre Information

Parking facilities are available for test candidates marked DVSA. However, they are limited. To gain access to the car park, you’ll need to enter a code which will be in the appointment letter. Alternatively, you may get the access code by contacting the examiners on  02032 101056.

Both Male and female toilets are available. Both male and female toilets are available at this driving test centre.

Address for Borehamwood Practical Driving Test Centre 

Manual and Automatic Driving Test car Hire Borehamwood available
Manual and Automatic Driving Test car Hire Borehamwood available

Borehamwood DTC,
Ground Floor,
Unit 1,
Stirling Court,
Stirling Way,
WD6 2BT.


Borehamwood Driving Test Centre Information.

Borehamwood Driving Test Centre on Google Maps.

Driving Test Centres closest to Borehamwood Driving Test Centre:Hire car for driving test Borehamwood London

Mill Hill Practical Test Centre.  (London) – Distance: 2.52 miles.
Barnet Practical Test Centre.  (London) – Distance: 2.89 miles.
Hendon Practical Test Centre.   (London) – Distance: 3.65 miles.
Watford Practical Test Centre.  (London) – Distance: 4.97 miles.
Wood Green Practical Test Centre.  (London) – Distance: 6.74 miles.


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Driving Test Car Hire Borehamwood – Preparation

Dual Controlled Car Hire BorehamwoodThe average waiting list for a driving test in Borehamwood is well over eight weeks. You should, therefore, congratulate yourself that you have managed to find a driving test cancellation. Hiring a hire your driving test at Borehamwood is not a problem for DTC Driving Test Car Hire. However, you need to do the most important thing which is to prepare yourself to pass.

Hire Car for Driving Test Borehamwood – Prepare Documents

Last Minute Driving School BorehamwoodThe day before your driving test, sure you know exactly where your provisional driving licence is. If possible, not compulsory, your theory certificate ready. If you wear glasses for driving purposes, you must remember to take these as you will be required to read a number plate from a distance of 20 m.



Last Minute Driving Instructor Borehamwood – Contact Instructor

Last Minute Driving instructor BorehamwoodWhether you have taken all your driving lessons from the same instructor or you have decided to hire a car for your driving test at the last minute, it is always best sending a text message to the instructor with details of the time meeting place. If you are using a friend’s car, will need to make arrangements to meet the person at least an hour before the driving test. You are not allowed to use a rental car for the driving test unless it is fitted dual controls. If you are not feeling 100% confident, DTC can arrange one-day intensive driving lessons in the Borehamwood area.

Dual Control Car Hire Borehamwood – Provisional License

It is vital that you take your provisional license to your driving test. Failure to do so will result in your test being cancelled and losing the test fee. You should also consider taking your theory test pass certificate.


DTC Fast Track driving test Borehamwood

If you are an international license holder or are already up to test standard, why would you want to wait months for a practical test appointment? With DTC Fast Track driving test Borehamwood, we guarantee you an earlier driving test within 2 weeks or it’s FREE. Simply complete the short booking form or call us and start you Fast Track driving test Borehamwood, by this time next week.


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First of all, begin at the car park
Take a left
Warwick Road
At the end of the street right
Elstree Way
Take right lane in one way system
Elstree Way
At the end of the street left
A1 Sth Barnet Way
Roadabout Ahead, take second exit
A41 Edgware Way
Ahead at 2 traffic signals
A41 Edgware Way
Roadabout take 3rd exit
Elstree Hill
At the traffic signals ahead
Elstree hill
Turn right
Allum Lane
Straight at 2 roadabouts ahead
Shenley Road
Mini roadabout right
Furzehill Road
At the 4th mini roadabout right
Melrose Avenuenue
At the end of the street left & right onto
Furzehill Road
Mini roadabout left
Arundel Drive
Roadabout ahead second exit
Arundel Drive
Mini roadabout left
Balmoral Drive
Ahead at next mini-r/bout
Chester Drive
Mini roadabout right
Warwick Road
Finally turn left into
The driving test centre


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Last Minute Driving Instructors Borehamwood

DTC UK can not only find you a driving test cancellation with 2 weeks but can also arrange a last minute driving instructor at any London driving test centre. Within the next few months will be expanding other parts of the country.

If you need a last minute driving instructor, call us regardless of where your practical test location. We may be able to help. You will have a choice of either an automatic or a manual car. All cars are fitted with dual controls and insured.

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