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Barking Driving Test Centre Information

There are two driving test centres in Barking which are close to each other. Therefore, it is most important to check your email confirmation letter to ensure that you arrive at the correct centre.

Address of Barking Driving Test Centres 

Manual and Automatic Driving Test Car Hire barking available
Manual and Automatic Driving Test Car Hire barking available

Barking – Town Quay DTC,
Unit 9 Town Quay Wharf
Greater London
IG11 7BZ

The Barking Town Quay Practical Centre has male, female and disabled toilets.  Parking spaces are available. However, they are limited. Therefore, Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your test appointment time. Please park in the dedicated DVSA bays and keep to the pedestrian walkway.

Find Barking – Town Quay DTC on Google maps 


Manual and Automatic Driving Test Car Hire Barking available
Manual and Automatic Driving Test Car Hire Barking available

Barking Tanner Street DTC,
84 Tanner Street
IG11 8QF



This centre also has both male and female toilets. There are 2 steps to access the test centre and arrangements will be made if you have a disability. Unfortunately, no car park is available at the test centre. Driving tests often begin from Park Avenue.

Barking Tanner Street on Google Maps

Driving Test Centres closest to Barking Tanner Street:Hire Car for Driving Test Barking, London

Goodmayes Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 1.98 miles
Wanstead Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 3.48 miles
Erith Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 4.56 miles
Belvedere Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 4.96 miles
Hornchurch Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 6.26 miles 


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Driving Test Car Hire Barking – Preparation

Dual Controlled Car Hire BarkingThe average waiting list for a driving test in Barking is well over eight weeks. You should, therefore, congratulate yourself that you have managed to find a quick driving test date. Sorting out a driving test car hire in Barking is not a problem with DTC UK. However, you need to do the most important thing which is to prepare yourself to pass.


Hire Car for Driving Test Barking – Check email confirmation Letter

Last Minute Driving School BarkingThis is one of the easiest but most important things that a person needs to do a day or two before their driving test. Firstly, as there are two driving test centres in Barking, it is important that you reconfirm that you will be attending and the correct address. Furthermore, driving test appointment at Barking occurs at awkward timings such as 2.24 pm. This can be easily confused with 2.30 pm. If you did turn up for your driving test at 2.30 instead of 2.24, the test will probably be cancelled and you will lose your fee. Not only will you have to rebook another driving test appointment but you will also have to hire a car for your driving test again.


Last Minute Driving Instructor Barking – Contact Instructor

Last Minute Driving instructor BarkingIt is always wise to contact your instructor by sending them a simple text message, reminding them of your driving test appointment. Make sure that you have agreed on a meeting place with the instructor. If you are hiring a car your driving test, you may want to know which car you will be driving. In this way, you will be able to Google the show me tell me questions for that particular vehicle. If you are not feeling 100% confident, DTC can arrange one-day intensive driving lessons in the Barking area.


Dual Control Car Hire Barking – Documents Checks

Make sure that you know exactly where your provisional driving licence is. The examiner will need to inspect it. No provisional equals no test.

DTC Fast Track Driving Test Barking

If you are looking to do an earlier driving, DTC can help. We guarantee you a Fast Track Driving Test Barking or the local area or its FREE. In order to book your Fast Track Driving Test Barking, simply fill in the booking form or call DTC during normal office hours.

First of all, begin at the driving test centre
Turn right
Faircross Avenue
At the end of the road, take a left
Longbridge Road
Turn after the 4th right.
Hulse Avenue
Take a right,
Levett Road
At the end of the road turn left.
Upney Lane
At the end of the road at the light right
Longbridge Road
Also, traffic lights right.
Lodge Avenue
Mini roundabout right, left
Rugby Road
Take the third left.
At the end of the road left
Lodge Avenue
Roundabout left (The first exit).
1 st exit at the roadabout
Gale St
At mini R/bout, straight. Then right at next
Porters Avenue
Mini roundabout ahead, When you reach the traffic lights left
Wood Lane
Ahead at roadabout
Longbridge Road
Right turn
Park Avenue.
Finally turn into the
Barking driving test centre.


About us

Dual Control Car Hire Barking

DTC-UK specialises in finding earlier driving test appointments.  Also, we supply cars for driving tests. We currently cover all London driving test centres including Barking. However, within the next few months, we are hoping to provide dual control car rental across the UK.

If you have a short notice driving test at Barking, we can cover it. You can hire a manual or automatic cars at only 24 hours notice.   Furthermore, a qualified driving instructor will provide you with coaching.  DTC UK will provide you with insurance and dual controls for safety.

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