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Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test

Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test

Have you recently failed a driving Test or know someone who has? Many people fail their driving test for not checking mirrors. when, However,  they know they have been checked. How can the examiner check your eyes, your hands, your feet and the road signs and markings all at the same time? Without this information its like playing cards, but the difference is that driving examiner can see your cards and cannot see theirs.

MSPSGL – Routine

It’s not only following the simple steps of Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Gears and Look but the vital key is the timing of the mirrors, timing of the signals and timing of the position.

Don’t wait time in your driving test checking mirrors needlessly – Check mirrors at the correct time. When the driving examiner asks you to turn either, right or left, they will be looking at your eyes but listening for the signal. If However, they hear the signal before you have checked your mirror, this will be marked down. Driving examiners are trained to watch out for the MSPSGL routine. Hence, if you want to Pass your Driving test, you must follow the MSPSGL routine.

The DVSA and all driving examiner follow very simple steps. Follow these steps and dramatically increase your chances of passing your driving test – FIRST time.

Take Driving Lessons from an ADI

Finally, We advise all learner drivers to take professional driving lessons from a fully qualified driving instructor. Any driving instructor registered with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will be able to help you with the Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Gears, Look routine.

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