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How to Impress a Driving Examiner

How to Impress a Driving Examiner

This video is about how to impress a driving examiner. It was requested by one of our subscribers was concerned about bad reviews at a particular driving test centre. Driving test centres tend to much lower review ratings than driving schools. This is because when a learner driver passes the driving test they tend to give credit to their driving instructor. However, a learner learn fails their driving test they tend to criticise the examiner. Okay. With that out of the way, let’s move on to impressing the driving examiner.

First Impression is the Last Impression

We have all heard of the saying first impression is the last impression. So, When you arrive at the driving test centre try to be smart but casual clothes.  If especially a kebab or curry, make sure you have a mint or chewing gum. Nobody likes sitting next to someone with bad breath, especially in a confined space.

Have Your Driving Licence Ready

Have you driving licence ready in your hands not in your pockets, not in your handbag. Make sure your mobile phone is turned off. Unless you plan to answer it. Not only will you fail the test but also get a fine of £200 and six points on your licence.

When the driving examiner calls your name out, greet him or her with a friendly smile. You may have heard that can go miles with a smile. The driving examiner will request to see your photocard provisional driving licence. Give the licence to the examiner in his hand. Don’t just throw it on the table. The driving examiner will ask you signed a declaration confirming that you lived in the UK for the past six months and that the vehicle you bought the driving test is insured for you to drive.

Keep Signature in the box

Even if your signature is changed make sure you sign exactly like the signature on your photocard licence. The driving examiner will compare the specimen signature that you gave in with that when you put a card licence.

Next, comes eyesight test. Be prepared for it, if you wear glasses, have them on. It’s no point saying that you’ve let them in the car. You will get a serious driving fault and felt the whole driving test if you do not read the number plate.

Next, comes the show me tell me questions. Although you do not fail on the section of the driving test By getting these questions right you showing to the driving examiner that you bothered to put the effort in. Once you are in the car the best way to impress the driving examiner is to drive safely and confidently.

The driving examiner wants to see you make progress when it is safe. For example on a dual carriageway was national speed limit speed to at least 50 to 60mph. A very slow-moving vehicle use the MSN routine to overtake and safely move to back afterwards.

Having said that, to really impress a driving examiner you need to show caution when needed. Take a single carriageway country lane with the national speed limit. Due to the sharp bends, you can only see about six car lengths in front. Your speed limits should be no more than 30 mph. You need to be able to stop within the distance you can see to be clear.

Driving Test Cancellations

If you’re looking to do your practical test earlier, DTC UK can guarantee you a test within 2 weeks or it’s free. We search the DVSA website for cancellations every 20 seconds. That’s over 3000 times per day.












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