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Car for Driving Test in Ashford

When a practical test is booked at Ashford, the DVSA will send a confirmation email to the candidate. The booking confirmation states that the candidate must bring their UK driving licence, theory pass certificate and a car. It further states that most people use their driving instructor car but you can use your own if it meets the rules.

Driving Instructor or Driving Examiner

Many people, especially those from abroad, get confused by the email confirmation. They get confused between a driving examiner and driving instructor. A driving instructor is a person that will teach you to drive but the driving examiner is the person that will test you. Unfortunately, the driving examiner at Ashford nor the DVSA will provide the test candidate with a car. If you are learning to drive from a driving instructor, you can usually hire the car from them. However, their get booked for test months in advance. Therefore, as soon as you have booked or practical test at Ashford, inform your driving instructor.

Use of Driving Instructors Car for Test

If you have been learning to drive from a driving instructor in the Ashford area and taken several driving lessons from them, using their car for the test should not be a problem. This is provided that the particular instructor is available on that day.

However, generally speaking, driving instructors in Ashford will not just hire you a car for the test. They will expect you to take several driving lessons from them. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, their pass rate is monitored by the DVSA. Therefore most driving instructors will only allow you to use their car for the test if they feel that you have an excellent chance of passing. Secondly, driving instructors are also salespeople and want to sale your loads of driving lessons. The more lessons they book, the more they earn.

Using a Car Rental Company

Companies such as Sixt, Hertz, Avis and Enterprise will only allow a driver to use their cars if they hold a full drivers license. Foreign license holder and international license holder can easily hire a car from these companies. However, the DVSA states that any car rental for the purpose of taking a practical test must be fitted with dual control. If an examiner is presented with a car rental not fitted with dual controls, the test will be cancelled.

Using Your Own Car for the Test

You may use your own car for the test, even if not fitted with dual controls. This is provided it meets the DVSA rules. The full set of rules may be found on the DVSA website. However, the main rule is that the car is taxed, MOTed, and insured for the learner to drive. The learner driver should check with their insurance company that they are insured. If you do have learner driver insurance, please note, this will be void as soon as you pass the test. This is because you will no longer be a learner driver.

Dual Control Car Hire for Test with Instructor

DTC Driving Test Services provides an emergency driving test services. We search the Ashford driving test centre for cancellations test every 20 seconds, every hour of every day. We guarantee you an earlier test in the Ashford area within 2 weeks or it’s free.

If you have book a last minute driving test, been let down by your current driving instructor or holder an international license, DTC UK can arrange a dual control car for your test. All our car complete with a fully qualified driving instructor. Furthermore, you can choose between an automatic or manual car. Why not increase your chances of passing the driving test by visiting our Youtube Channel

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