Driving Test at Wanstead, London

Wanstead driving test center

Students sitting their driving test in their east London suburbs are more likely to fail than their counterparts in other parts of London, according to an analysis of official test data. Wanstead, in north-east London, was identified as one of the toughest places to test after analysing data from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency on the number of failed driving attempts in the area over the past five years. It follows a similar pattern to driving instructors taking driving tests in other London boroughs. The easiest to pass through is Brentwood, which still serves many Londoners and is classified by the DVSA as a London test centre, the second easiest place to get a test pass, just behind the city centre. 

The Wanstead driving test centre is the second in the Redbridge area but is also just a few blocks from the A1069, the main thoroughfare through the city centre. When you take your driving test, you will be familiar with the roads that end up on the test route, and if you have completed a driving course at your local ADI, you will have the opportunity to learn the way to and from it inside and outside. Main roads likely to feature in your tests include the A10 69, where the test centre is located, and the A104, which links the Chingford area to Epping in Essex. 

The narrow, car-lined roads will test the driver’s perception of danger. Here it is outside the congestion charge zone, but you can leave the city quickly If you decide to drive a few minutes to Woolwich Road. 

If you have recently failed your driving test especial for only one or two small things or if you have driving experience from abroad, then you don’t want to waste money on taking too many driving lessons.  Instead, you should consider hiring a dual control car accompanied by a driving instructor. DTC employers emergency driving instructors trained to get you through the practical test at Wanstead or any other London test centres within days.

If you want to take your driving test at Wanstead, the center is located at 2, Devon House, Hermon Hill, Wanstead, London E11 2AW but you are not permitted to simply walk in and book a driving test. You can book a driving test on the government website but you will need to hire a car for the practical test as they are not provided by the examiners

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