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Car for Driving Test Mill Hill

Cancellation driving test ready to book at Mill Hill

Car for Driving Test Mill Hill

OK, you have been lucky enough to find a driving test cancellation at Mill Hill. The next thing you need to do is to arrange for a car to take the driving test. Most learner drivers in the ll Hill area will choose to take the driving instructors car. But what if your driving instructor is not available? What are your options?

Use the Examiner Car for the Driving Test

Using the driving examiners car is one option that many learner drivers think is available to them. This option may be available in many parts of the world but unfortunately, in the UK it is not. Under no circumstances will the driving examiners at Mill Hill or anyone else in the UK, for that matter, allow the test candidate to use their cars.

Use the Instructors Car for Driving Test

The majority of learner drivers in North London would prefer to use the driving instructor’s car. However, the driving instructors in the Mill Hill area are extremely busy and tend to be booked a good month in advance. Therefore, it is very important for the learner driver to give the instructor as much notice as possible regarding their driving test booking. If your driving instructor is part of the driving school, he or she may be able to arrange one of their colleagues to take you to the test.

Using your Own Car for Driving Test

If you have been practising in your own car alongside your driving lessons, you will have the option of taking that particular car to the test. However, please ensure that the car meets the DVSA requirements. Any learner driver insurance that you have will automatically end as soon as the examiner issues a possible certificate in your name. Therefore it is most important to be supervised on your journey to the Mill Hill driving test centre. If you are lucky enough to pass a driving test, make sure that the supervising person drives you home as your insurance will be invalid. If a new driver gets six or more penalty points on their driving licence within the first two years of passing their practical test, there would have to redo everything again.

DTC UK Driving Test Car Hire

If you do not have access to a car or your car is not suitable for the driving test, you may consider the option of hiring a car. However, the DVSA states that any car used for the driving test must be fitted with dual controls. DTC UK can provide an emergency dual controlled car hire at less than 48 hours’ notice at the Mill Hill driving test centre.

If you have recently failed your driving test or just need to get your licence as a matter of urgency and you’re struggling to find a booking, DTC UK can assist. We guarantee you an earlier driving test date in the Mill Hill area within two weeks or it’s free.

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